How Laila Met Louis -- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hi. My name is Laila. I'm 19 and in highschool. One day, my life changed forever. I had an amazing experience that changed my life! It all started when my senior class took a trip to England.


6. Invatational Conversation

Louis' POV


While me and the boys are walking through the airport to the car, Liam suddenly runs into someone. I look up to see who it is and I gasp. There standing right in front of Liam is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. I suddenly flash foward and see me and her getting married and living together until we die. I'm pulled back to reality by her voice. It's just as beautifulas the rest of her. "Oh, I'm sooo sorry! Let me get that for you." she says. She is so gorgeous. She hands Liam his bag  off the ground and continues to speak. "My name is Laila." she says. Everything about her is amazing, even her name is beautiful! I am so in love with this girl. She shakes Liam's hand and points each of us saying our names. When she gets to me I smile and she giggles. I love the way she said my name. I need to talk to this girl. She turns and speak to the guy next to her. Was he there when she began talking? Probablly, I was too captivated to notice, I guess. "Henry, will you go get our bags from luggage?" she says to him. He nods and heads off to get their bags. "Well," Liam begins. "We have to be going, but it was nice to meet you." He finishes. I stare at him like he is crazy. How could he just leave this girl. She is gorgeous. I step forward to talk to her. "Hi," I say. "I'm Louis." I add. "Oh, I know. You're my favorite." She blurts. I'm her favorite? Yay! I really think she is gorgeous. "I was just wondering," I start. "Wuld you want to come to our concert tonight? I can provide you with front row tickets and backstage passes. If you want you cuold hang out with us after the signing." I say. Did I just offer her to hang out with us? Yeah, I think I did.

"OMG! Yes!!! Is it possible to get two tickets for me and my friend Cora?" she says excitedly.

"Don't you want to bring that Henry guy?" I ask. No, stupid. If she brings her girl friend then you have a better shot. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I mentally slap myself.

"Um, he's not really into you guys. Me and Cora are Super directioners!" She giggles and blushes. I put my hand on her shoulder. "That's good to know," I begin. "So, I'll see you tonight?" I finish. "Yes, for sure!" she says. "Great, the address is on the tickets." I continue. I hand her two tickets and backstage passes. "Great, thank you sooo much!" she says, jumping forward to hug me. I wrap my arms around her and I think I might have held on to her a little longer than neccesary. But she didn't seem to notice.

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