How Laila Met Louis -- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hi. My name is Laila. I'm 19 and in highschool. One day, my life changed forever. I had an amazing experience that changed my life! It all started when my senior class took a trip to England.


4. Heaven in a... plane bathroom?

Laila's POV


When I get to the bathroom he drags me in with him. Once we are both in the bathroom I am shoved up against the wall. These things are too small for one person, forget two. He looks at me carefully.

"What?" I whisper to him. He doesn't answer. He just stands there looking at me quite intensely I might add.

This is when he begins to lean closer to me. OMG! I have been hoping for this since he broke up with me. Soon, he gets so close that our noses touch but not our lips.

"Laila, I still," he stops short of what he is about to say. "You still what?" I say, waiting for his reply. I am so anxious to hear what hes is going to say. I begin to blush.

"I, I still... love you." He mumbles just loud enough for me to hear. His nose is still touching mine and it's making me want more. I bring my mouth to his and kiss him with all I have. He kisses me back gently and then very passionately. We break apart and I bite my bottom lip with lust. His eyes are much darker than they were in the plane cabin. "Wait," I say, even though I don't want this to stop. "If you still love me than why did you break up with me?" I ask, slightly confused.

He looks at me like I am completely oblivious, which I totally am. " Because," he says obviously. "You don't know?" he asks. I shake my head nervously. How could I possibly know if I am saking him now.

"Well, aren't you pregnant?" he asks confused. I pull back and stare at him with utter disgust on my face. "No!" I say louder than I needed to. "Shhh." He puts a finger to my lips. Which just makes them tingle even more after the kiss. I pull my lips to his and kiss him gently.

"Why would you think I was pregnant?" I continue. He looks at me with obvious relief. "Well, Ashley told me that you were pregnant because you and brady hooked up at Taylor's party." he said, slightly rushed. I just looked at him.

"Of course she would make up a lie like that. Have you not realized that she is totally in love with you and she has hated me since we started dating?" I ask him with a 'DUH' tone in my voice. He just stares at me and shakes his head. I guess he is a little dense but that doesn't make me love him any less.

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