How Laila Met Louis -- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hi. My name is Laila. I'm 19 and in highschool. One day, my life changed forever. I had an amazing experience that changed my life! It all started when my senior class took a trip to England.


3. Can I talk to you?

Laila's POV


"Oh my god! How is this even fair?" I say in desperation.

"What?" asks Cora. She looks around as if it isn't completely obvious what I'm so mad about. She stares at me with a confused look on her face. I just look back at her, roll my eyes, and point to Henry behind her.

"Oh!" she yells. I have this look on my face that just says 'kill me now'. She said that so loud that everyone on the plane is staring at us now. Including all the teachers. Henry looks over and I go even redder than I already am. He just gets a nervous look on his face, blushes some, and turns back to the in plane TV at the front of the cabin. I look at Cora and die in my seat. Why is he acting so wierd? I just don't understand why he keeps looking at my like a lost puppy. I hope he realizes that he broke up with me. I am so tired of this. Acting like nothing ever happened. I am going to confrnot him. Right now.

"Henry," I ask hesitantly. He doesn't respond but, I know he can hear me because his friend Brandon is sitting right next to him and telling him about how I am right behind him and he has this terrified look on his face. "Henry...? (pause) I know you can hear me!" I say louder than before.

"What?" he asks like I'm some idiot school girl with an annoying crush on him or something. "Um, I just wanted to talk to you." I say more quietly. He looks at me, gets up, and walks to the back of the cabin where the bathroom is.

I just stand where I am and look at him as he walks away. It doesn't sink that he wants me to follow him until he motions to me to follow. I begin to walk down the aisle of the plane.

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