what have we gotten ourselves into?

dani jackson and her best friend jessica wright are off on a school trip to france. neither of them expected for dani to be reunited with her best friend whom she left when moving to canada. neither expected this journey to be the most exciting either.

*NOTE: not all facts are true. and for those who have similar stories, i did not intend for ours to be similar. thanks!


14. Who knew

Dani's POV

I was woken up by a loud thump. And then another. I got up to go see whats goin on. I was confused to see where i was. I was in a bed, in the bungalow. Of course jess was on my side taking up the rest of the bed. We had crashed at the bungalow. We all hung out and watched movies. I walked towards the main room to find louis and the girl named Megan whom i met yester day laying beside each other on the couch. They were absolutly adorable together. But that wasnt why i had gotten up. I tip-toed to the kitchen to find niall going through the pantry. I hadnt known him that ling but one thing i knew for certain was that the boy could eat, alot. "Need a little help there niall?" I whispered. "Uh yes please. I don't know how to use this thing" i said looking at the stove. "Ok, can you cook? I can do it for you if you want" i said again whispering. "Can ya? Im not that great with cookin" he had a huge grin on his face. He was probably thinking of food. I didnt reply. I simply just took the frying pan and made him his eggs.

Niall's POV

I literally ate those eggs so fast. I'd say dani was tied for best cook in the house. Of course she was tied with harry. He was an amazing chef. If they ever got married, I'd want to live with them so they could make me food.

Dani's POV

I just finished making Niall breakfast. I checked the time on my phone; 7am. Before i could put it down it started ringing. I didnt recognize the number. I answered it anyways. "Hello?" I said into my phone. "Yes who is this?" The strange male voice asked. "Dani. Who is this?" I asked. Probably the wrong number. "Simon. Simon Cowell actually. Im calling about the recording your friends sent in" he said. It was Simon. I didnt know what to do. I wasn't ready to hear bad news. I was so certain he was gonna say i was terrible. "Umm yea. What about it?" I asked unsure of if i wanted to know. "I listened to it. You have talent. And that talent will not go to waste" he replied. "But i just...i don't know...what do you mean?" I stuttered. "I want to sign you. You and the boys meet me tomorrow in my office at 6pm. Is that ok!" He said . "Uh yeah. Sure. Why not?!" I said said hung up. Tomorrow's going to be an interesting day. **later that evening**

Zayn's POV

"Dani's makin dinner guys!" Niall shouted across the room. We were all still at the bungalow. "It's not even 6pm yet, Niall" I answered. That child eats more in a day than I can ea in 3 days. "Yeah, and I never agreed to cooking tonight anyways" Dani added joining me on the couch. "Fine. Ms. Danielle Jackson, whom is tied for first place as chef in this flat at the moment, will you make us peasants dinner this evening?" Niall asked sounding more sophisticated than ever. "Well, since you put it that way..." Dani smirked. Niall just cheered and ran off. Jess came to sit with us. She and Niall had gotten really close since her and Dani had to stay here in England. It got to the point where I thought they were dating. They always gave each other googly eyes and giggled like crazy around each other. The became as inseparable a my mirror and I. I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed. "JESSICA!" Dani shouted just to irritate her. "Hello Percy Jackson" Jess said. Apparently Jess called Dani 'Percy Jackson' when they were trying to make each other annoyed. Dani really hated it. I mean, I can't blame her. I just smiled and walked towards  Louis' room.

Louis' P.O.V.

"Are carrots the only vegetable you'll eat?" Megan asked. She had come to Harry's father's bungalow with us. I had invited her. She was really pretty and we were starting to find out we had a lot in common. When I was with her I felt like anything was possible. But anyways, we were playing truth or dare. "I'll eat other vegetables, I just adore carrots. Do you like carrots? Because I really like carrots" I said. She just giggled. Everything about this girl was absolutely perfect. From her Hair to her laugh she was just, perfect. No other word is out there that I can use to describe her. "My turn," I said. "Megan, Megan, Megan. Truth or dare?" I asked. "Truth" she said. "Alright. If I were to ask you on a date, what would you say?" I asked her, wondering what would follow.

Megan's P.O.V.

He just asked me what I would say if he asked me on a date. I would obviously say yes, but I met the kid yesterday. I like him and all but I don't want to scare him off. What if I say yes and it was a joke? Oh screw it, "Yes. I would say yes." I told him. "Then in that case, would you allow me to take you on a date?" He finished. "I'd love to" I said. Before I could stop him, he jumped up and kissed me. Then Zayn walked in that very moment.

Louis' P.O.V.

I kissed her AND she agreed to a date! Double score! But Zayn walked in and saw everything. I felt bad because him and his girlfriend just broke up. She said she didn't want to date a loser. He wasn't 100% ready to see the others dating and I could understand why. I just pulled away from Megan as Zayn walked away. I explained to her what had happened and she, thankfully, understood. I went to go apologize. 

Harry's P.O.V.

We spent the whole day just hanging out in the flat. It was really nice. Dani and I just finished making dinner and called everyone to the dining room. Within 3seconds of having said to come eat, Niall had already sat down at the table and started making his plate. The boy could move when he wanted to. "Harry, I need to speak to you. In the kitchen" Dani whispered. She grabbed my arm and brought me to the kitchen. "What are everyone's plans for tomorrow at 6?" she asked. "Uhh... I don't know. Why?" I was confused. "Nothing. I'll tell everyone at the table. Let's go eat" she said scurrying out of the kitchen like a cat. I liked cats.

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