what have we gotten ourselves into?

dani jackson and her best friend jessica wright are off on a school trip to france. neither of them expected for dani to be reunited with her best friend whom she left when moving to canada. neither expected this journey to be the most exciting either.

*NOTE: not all facts are true. and for those who have similar stories, i did not intend for ours to be similar. thanks!


6. uh oh...

Dani's POV

i woke up to the sound of rain. im used to it considering im from england and it rains alot there. in a way it was relaxing. i checked my phone. it was 6:30 am. we had to leave london at 7:30 pm. there was no earlier flights. i got into the shower. i always sing in the shower. no one has ever heard me when im in the shower so i was safe. i started singing 'dont forget' by demi lovato. it was an older song but i still loved it. i love her. she has such good songs. her music was considered pop rock which i didnt listen to alot. i was more of a classic rock or heavy metal girl. anyways, i got out of the shower an realized i had been in there for a half an hour. breakfast ended at 7:30 sovi pulled on my purple sweatshirt, black yoga pants and my panda bear slippers and headed down.

Jessica's POV

i woke up hearing dani singing in the shower. she had an amazing voice. i had to show someone. i grabbed my phone and recorded her. then i got a text from niall.

N: hey jessica, the guys and i are in the lobby, want to come?

i freaked out. i replied of course and flew out the door and down the stairs to meet them. i greeted them then i realized i had recorded dani singing. "have any of you heard dani sing?" i asked them. i thought at least harry would have. "no" they all said. "why jessica" zayn asked. i felt like going all fangirl put on them. even though they had only covered the songs they sang on xfactor they had amazing voices. i calmed myself down. "oh no reason" i giggled. "oh really?" harry said. he looked at me like he knew i was hiding something. they all sat there staring at me awkwardly until i broke down. "fine!" i said. liam looked at zayn, who looked at harry, who looked at louis, who looked at niall who looked back at liam. "fine what? tell us why you asked" liam said to me. "i heard her singing in the shower. shes awesome" i continued "i recorded her. here listen" i said playing the recording. just as it finished i turned around sensing someone behind me. uh oh. it was dani. she gave me a dirty look and walked away. "dani wait!" i said running after her. she ran to our room and locked me out. i wanted to talk to her but i figured it be no use. i walked back down the stairs and finished eating with the boys.

Dani's POV

how could she do that to me? why would she do that to me? so many questions that were better off being left unanswered. i sat back and went through a pile of papers we had brougt from france. i put them and our passports in the black bag and put itt in the desk where i found them. i changed into real clothes and called a cab. my teacher gave me permission to drive to haolmes chapel to. see my family. one problem. i had to go with someone. i wasnt about to ask jess. harry! ill ask harry! i ran downstairs and found the boys still eating breakfast in the lobby. "hi guys" i said. i sounded like i was bummed out. "hi dani whats up?" harry said to me as i got nods an waves from the other four. "wheres jess" i asked. "she left with some pretty girl called britney. why" liam piped in. of course britney. "no reason. listen about earlier, i just want to forget it happened. ok?" i said hopefully not attractig any more attention to the subject. "youre so good though but if thats what you want, thats what youll get" niall said with his mouth full. "so listen harry," i said "i got permission to leave for the day and go visit my family in holmes chapel, one problem. i cant go alone. want to come?" i asked. he seemed happy i asked. "yeah of course" he said smiling. "can i come?" niall asked, followed by a "me too" from louis, a "fieldtrip!" from zayn and a "count me in" from liam. dammit, i wanted it to be just me and harry. "well if harrys ok with it" i wa disappointed. i hoped he was going to say no. "uh i guess you can" he said scratching the back of his head. te boys cheered and ran to the van they drove here. i canceled the cab and left with them.

Harry's POV

i wanted to go with just dani. i hadnt seen or talked to her in years. i was planning on telliń her how i felt the second she asked me to go with her. i guess im not telling her today.

Niall's POV

i felt kind of bad about asking to come. i didnt want to be stuck bored all day.

now im sitting in the car between harry and dani. i see dani glancig over at harry, then harry looks over at dani as she turns her head away. you can totally tell they like each other. i know who to go to about this. ill text louis.

Zayn's POV

i sat in the front with louis driving. i saw his phone light up and caught a glance at the text. it was from niall.

N: lou, sitting in between dani and harry made me realize they like each other. help me make this work for harry!

i looked in the rear-view mirror. its true. they look at each other like theyre in love. neither of them will admit it. at least i know harry wont.

Liam's POV

"are we there yet?!" i heard niall scream from behind me. "yes in 20 minutes we will be there" i said to him. i was being nasty. god i hated when people yelled in my ears. as i turned around to tell him, i noticed dani lookig at harry. its so obvious. zayn texted me saying that he thought they liked each other right after i thought that to myself. i think everyone in the car knew now.

Dani's POV

we pulled up infront of my cousin jaquelyn's house. i ran to the door and no one was home. i went to my grandma's house a street over, no one was home. i had the boys drive me to my uncle darrells house. luckily everyone was there. i had talked to my family but hadnt seen them at all. i explained why i was in england and who harry and the boys were. they all knew harry. i spent hours there. finally i had to say goodbye. i started crying. we all did. we started out the door.

i reached the end of the sidewalk and remembered something i had done at a park. "harry?do you remember the journal i kept with me all the time?" i asked. "the blue one?" he replied caught off guard. "yeah do you remember my last day of school you found me crying by that tree outside our school?" i asked. he was suspicious. "yes. why?" he asked. "we need to go there. ill explain when we get there" i ran 4 blocks to my old school. harry and the boys followed me in the van. i ran to the tree and started digging. i had found what i was looking for!
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