what have we gotten ourselves into?

dani jackson and her best friend jessica wright are off on a school trip to france. neither of them expected for dani to be reunited with her best friend whom she left when moving to canada. neither expected this journey to be the most exciting either.

*NOTE: not all facts are true. and for those who have similar stories, i did not intend for ours to be similar. thanks!


11. the big day

Harry's POV

i saw jess and dani before the show. dani looked beautiful as always, wearing her dirty blonde hair to one side, her sneakers, grey skinny jeans and an 'i <3 one direction' teeshirt. She was stunning. She still didnt love me back. She hadnt said it back yet. I'd be better off getting over her right? But the problem is, I've known her so long and loved her so long that i can't even stop thinking about her. From now on, i have to find someone who loves me.

Dani's POV

As jess and i headed to our seats after seeing harry and the boys, jess snuck into their dressing room. I followed her. She stopped me from it. What the hell was she doing? "Just stay here. Trust me" she whispered. "Why?" I asked her confused. "Just stay" she stated. She opened the dressing room door took a picture of something and shut the door again. Her and i almost got caught by security. We ran to the nearest room. Jess found what we thought was a janitors closet. She ran in and i shut the door behind us, slowly sliding down it. All of a sudden i heard a familiar voice. "Can i help you girls?" The voice said from across the room. It was Caroline Flack. The host of xfactor. She was 30 years old but looked like she was 20. She was beautiful. "Can i help you girls or do i have to call security?" She repeated herself. "U-uh n-no sorry. We were uh, just, umm" jess tried saying. Jess was a huge fan of hers considering jess loved xfactor. Jess considered her to be the living Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. It was quite amusing actually. "You were just escaping from security" Caroline finished what jess was going to say. "Yes sorry. We were just leaving" I said. I grabbed jess's hand and pulled her out i the dressing room. We went and sat down in our seats. "She seemed nice...?" Jess tried to say quiet enough so the people behind us couldn't hear. "Nice? She almost called security on us. Yeah we vouch have been crazed fans but at least let us explain. Like really" i said.

The lights soon dimmed which left us in the dark. We sat back quietly and watched the show. When one direction went to perform jess and i went crazy. The boys were all truly talented. Once the were finished we went backstage to congratulate them. After passing security we opene the door to find Caroline sitting on Harry's lap. Flirting with him. She was playing with his hair and it really made me want to vomit. She was almost double our age. I really didnt think it was appropriate for a 30 year old to be doing that to a 16 year old. I walked up next to harry and said "uh hi harry". Before harry could answer Caroline rudely said "what the hell are you doing here?" I looked at harry. He didnt do anything. "Im friends with harry." I simply stated. "No crazed fan is going to be friends with my new boyfriend" she said standing up. "Boyfriend? Your 30 he's 16" i said loud enough for them to hear. "And?" She questioned me. "And thats kind of gross dont you think?" I replied feeling my fist clench and my body tense. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. I was jealous of her. Im not going to lie. I had known harry forever and had really fallen for him. Just days earlier he told me he loved me. I turned to harry and said "so i guess your a player. Too bad im the coach". I turned and walked away. I went back to the hallway where the one direction dressing room was. It was only liam louis and one of the dancers whos name was Danielle there. I opened the door and went to sit on the couch. "Ok what's wrong?" Louis said while sitting next to me. "Yeah what's up?" Liam asked following louis' lead. "This is Danielle by the way" liam added. "Hi Danielle. Im also Danielle but everyone calls me dani" i shook her hand. "So we could be the two Dani's" she smiled shaking my hand. I smiled at her and glanced at they floor. A moment passed when liam broke the silence. "What's wrong? Something's up" he said. "Nothing's wrong. Im fine" i said. I lied. I really wasn't fine. My bestfriend told me he love me just days ago and now has a girlfriend who's almost his mothers age. "No you aren't fine" louis said. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I looked at Danielle who leaned over and hugged me. She had this thing about her. She was so comforting. I felt an instant friendship with her. "It's harry" i said. Feeling the tears start to fall. "What did he do Hun?" Danielle asked. "Well, a few days ago he told me he loved me. Then when jess and i went backstage and saw him flirting with Caroline" i manage to say while calming down a bit. Jess by this time ha walked in and was listening. "And well earlier jess and i were running from security and ran into Caroline's dressing room an even then you could tell she didnt like us. She thought we were crazed fan" i paused. "So when she saw us backstage she asked who i was and why i was back there and i told her harry and i were close friends and she told me that no crazed fan could be friends with her new" i stopped crying. "Her new what?" Danielle asked. "Her new boyfriend" i said. "Then she started coming really close to me like she was going i hit me or something" i finished. Louis wrapped his arms around me. "And what did harry do?" Liam asked. "Absolutely nothing" i said pulling away from louis. Everyone stood there. In the silence. With no movement. "So i looked at harry and said ' i heard youre a player. Too bad im the coach' and now im sitting here" i said breaking the silence. Jess looked at me and i saw her turn red with anger. Then niall walked in saving me from wanting to cry again. Of course he was holding a bucket of nandos chicken. "What?" He said smirking. "It was screaming take me home" he said. We all laughed. Louis explained to niall what harry did. I felt like i was getting them all to turn against him. Yes he should have said something but i could've been nicer to him about it. Zayn walked in and heard the story as well which infuriated him. I wanted to go cry in a hole.

The they were called backstage.
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