what have we gotten ourselves into?

dani jackson and her best friend jessica wright are off on a school trip to france. neither of them expected for dani to be reunited with her best friend whom she left when moving to canada. neither expected this journey to be the most exciting either.

*NOTE: not all facts are true. and for those who have similar stories, i did not intend for ours to be similar. thanks!


5. i remeber you...

Dani's POV

it was the day we were leaving france. i was homesick but i was going to miss waking up to the view of the eiffel tower. i threw on my light blue tank top, black skinny jeans and my old leather jacket. i left my hair down and decided on no make up as usual. once again i slipped into my signature white converse shoes. i packed my bags and headed to the lobby. i grabbed my pile of tour books in my hand on the way out.

we got into another bus to take us to the airport. we quickly boarded the plane and headed to london. i slept like a baby knowing that jess and i were talking again.

when the plane landed i felt nervous. i knew i wasnt sick and it was nerves. i had no idea why. i grabbed my stack of tour books and got off the plane. i went to pick up my luggage and headed for the group. i was standing in the hallway looking for my class when someone walked by and knocked my books on the floor. "sorry" i heard a familiar voice say. "dont worry about it" i replied while picking up my books. the person who knocked me over just stood there. i picked up slmy stuff and looked at the person's face. the hair. i had seen that hair before. the way the curls fell and those eyes. they were sparkling. and his cheeky smile. i knew i had seen it before but i almost thought i had seen this boy before, when he was younger. oh my god. it was harry. i hadnt seen him in years.

Harry's POV

was this actually happening? was i actually standing looking my best friend in the eye? "dani?" i asked quietly. "harry? " she replied with the biggest smile on her face. i pulled her in for a hug. "i havent talked to you in years! how have you been?" she questioned. right then i realized why i had missed her so much. it was because i loved her. we were in year 8 when she left. i was going to tell her i loved her but i thought i was being stupid. i didnt think you could fall in love at 12 but i apparently did love her and i stil did. "ive been good but ive missed you" i replied sounding like a fool. "you?" i said.

Dani's POV

harry asked how i was! i couldnt lie and say i was good because i wasnt. i miss england and i especially missed him. "good. im here on a trip with school. why are you in the airport?" i said. i didnt want to tell him i missed him yet. "i auditioned for xfactor and we made it through to judges houses in spain. were back for the finale of the show now" he said. we? what did he mean by we? oh yeah thats right! he was put into a band called one direction! how could i have forgotten when all jess ever talks about is one direction? "cool" i said. i saw jess walk behind harry. i motioned for her to come. she scurried over to harry and i. "jess, id like you to meet my best friend harry. harry this is my other best friend jessica" i said. he shook her hand and she weakly smiled. allof a sudden four other boys headed towards us. i knew who they were from looking at the pictures on jessicas phone. "jessica, dani. id like you to meet-" harry was cut off by jess. "louis, liam, zayn and niall. ive been following xfactor. im jessica" she finished. she shook all of their hands and so did i. i noticed niall and jess staring at each other's eyes. i didnt know if it was just because her favorite was niall or if they liked each other.

after a bit of chatting, jess and i had to go back with our group. we all said our good byes and exchanged numbers then we left.
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