what have we gotten ourselves into?

dani jackson and her best friend jessica wright are off on a school trip to france. neither of them expected for dani to be reunited with her best friend whom she left when moving to canada. neither expected this journey to be the most exciting either.

*NOTE: not all facts are true. and for those who have similar stories, i did not intend for ours to be similar. thanks!


9. back at home

Harry's POV

dani's been back in england for a few days now and it made me realize how much i missed her. more importantly how much i loved her. we invited dani and jess to the xfactor finales tomorrow night. theyve been really busy catching up with schoolwork over the internet.

Dani's POV

i really wish i could stay with harry. we were so close and finally reconnecting made us closer. i really love him and i want to tell him but 1. he doesnt like me; 2. even if he did and we date, when we break up, our friendship will be lost and 3. hes in england, im in canada. they invited jess and i to their finales tomorrow. jess is more excited than i am. anyways, we finally finished studying for our science test which jess and i will take when we go back, do we decided to go shopping for outfits to wear.
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