what have we gotten ourselves into?

dani jackson and her best friend jessica wright are off on a school trip to france. neither of them expected for dani to be reunited with her best friend whom she left when moving to canada. neither expected this journey to be the most exciting either.

*NOTE: not all facts are true. and for those who have similar stories, i did not intend for ours to be similar. thanks!


13. And the winner is...

Harry's POV I ran offstage crying. They had just announced that One Direction came third. I was a wreck. They had taken a commercial break and Caroline just stood there. Although she was my girlfriend all i wanted was to be in Dani's arms, to smell the strawberry scented perfum she wore and i just wanted to call her mine. I can't lie to myself. I didnt want Caroline, I wanted Dani. I should probably just give it time. Maybe ill end up liking Caroline and getting over Dani. My real question is whats wrong with me? I just came third on X-Factor and shes all i can think of. Everyone else is crying. I stopped crying and now im just standing backstage, still and emotionless. I turned to Caroline who was flirting with another guy. She ran to me and kissed me. She had really bad breath. I didnt force her off. I let her kiss me, no matter how much i wanted it to be...someone else. I smiled at her and walked away. Everyone just stood there shocked at what i had done. I was pretty shocked too.

Zayn's POV

Love bites. At least in my eyes. I just saw harry kiss Caroline. We thought he liked dani. Apparently not. Poor Dani's been crying over him and now he's kissing Caroline in front of her. Nice. Anyways were all back at the bungalow where we stayed earlier on in the show. And im exhausted. Im going to sleep.

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