One Direction Fanfic

About a famous group of girls, a boyband, and messed up things that happen to them! Probably the most crazy, messed up story you will ever read!


1. Chapter 1.

Shizuka's P.O.V.

I was woken up my my two best friends, Destiny and Tia. They were poking my nose, saying strange things in my ear. I looked at them oddly and told them to get out. They slumped their shoulders, and pouted, while they slowly walked out. I got out of bed, and walked to the mirror. I looked at my long, silver dyed, wavy hair and my golden brown eyes. 

"God, my hair is a mess." I groaned.

I picked up my brush and began brushing, thinking of how I would style my hair today. After a few seconds of pondering , I finally decided to put my bangs in a french waterfall braid. I put on just the right amount of eyeliner, and walked out of my bedroom to see Jari on the couch, sleeping, Bella sitting on the floor with her phone, and Destiny and  Tia intently gazing at their laptop, occasionally giggling.  

Destiny's P.O.V.

As me and Tia were on tumblr reading funny posts, we saw Shizuka walk out of her room. She was still in her PJs but she had done her hair and make-up. She probably forgot we had an interview in a few hours. 

"Shii-Chan!" I whimper.

"Did you forget?"

"Forget what?" She said obliviously.

"About the interview we have with One Direction!" I said excitedly. It was a little weird that we were being interviewed together, but I didn't mind much. We are all big fans of them and I'm excited about it. I'm not sure about Shizuka though.. 

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot." she said as she ran back into her bedroom with Tia and Jari running after her.

Tia's P.O.V.

I wanted to help Shizuka find something to wear. She looked best in white and since we were meeting with Ellen, we had to find her a dress. She came out with a jean jacket, black shorts, and a white sleeveless dress shirt.

"No..." I said sternly. "You are not wearing that! Especially if One Direction is gonna be there."

"You must wear something pretty! Like a dress. No crappy jean jacket." Jari said Cheerfully . Shizuka tilted her head back and sighed loudly. I got up and ran into her closet searching for something cute. After a minute of searching, I finally found a a long sleeved, white laced dress. 

"Found one!" I ran out of the closet and threw the dress at her, telling her to put it on. She did as she was told. It looked amazing and I knew she thought so too.

Authors Note: Is it good so far? Do ya want me to continue? This is my first EVER fanfic. I also feel like I'm paing to much attention to the clothes... xD

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