Get Outta My Head

Rosalie has no idea what will happen when she becomes close with One Direction. Will they just be friends? Or will one of the boys fall for Rosalie? Read this exciting fan fiction to find out!
First fan fic, but I'm an experienced writer, enjoy.


7. Waking up to a surprise

Louis POV:

I put my arm around her when she jumped into me. Harry wasn't the only flirt. I smirked as Niall glared at me. His blue eyes were burning a hole in my head as he gave me the death stare. Ignoring him completely, I looked down at Rosalie. She had curled up into a ball, and was sound asleep. I grinned as the movie credits started rolling down the screen. 

Niall's POV:

I glared at Louis with hatred. We had all discussed that none of us should flirt with her or date her before we got to know her better. But even though we had only known each other for a day, I had begun to gain interest in her, but even still, I wouldn't betray the promise I made. I turned to look at the boys, and they were a bit pissed too. Sighing, I ran my hair through my bleached hair. The credits popped up on the flatscreen. Slowly getting up, I stretched. Not the best movie, but still very long. Louis picked the delicate sleeping body that was Rosalie. "She's asleep." he whispered. "I am going to put her in the guest bed." No one argued, simply watched Louis walk up the staircase. I turned to face my tired friends. "Didn't we agree on something?" I asked, a hint of anger in my voice. Zayn nodded. "But we are all going to flirt with her sometime. We might as well get comfortable." he said slowly, not wanting to stir anything up. Harry and Liam nodded their heads up and down and I sighed. "Alright.... well I am going to bed." 

Louis POV: 

I slowly and carefully jogged up the stairs and opened the white polished door that lead to the marvelous guest room. I knew the boys would be angry at me, but they couldn't stop me from playing around with our new friend. At least, she was a friend for now. If any of the boys wanted this beautiful creature, they would surely have to fight because she is fiesty. Laying her down on the bed, I tucked the covers around her delicate body and undid her hair. Grinning, I shut off the light and closed the door.

Harry's POV:

There was obviously something up. We barely knew this girl, even though we talked for hours at Starbucks, that means nothing. Louis needs to be careful, even though he is a big flirt, like all of us. Oh well. I wondered what we could do to see if we could trust her. Running my fingers through my chocolate brown curls, I finally got an idea. "Hey Zayn." I said quietly. He was in the kitchen. "Yeah?" he answered with his Bradford accent. "Why don't we give Rosalie a surprise when she wakes up?" He smiled. "What do you mean?" I motioned him to come closer and explained my plan. 

-- The next morning......--

Rosalie's POV:

I woke up in a huge bed in a room I did not recognize. Sighing, I closed my eyes and tried to remember where I was. Realizing I was cuddled up to someone, I immediately opened my eyes and saw a boy with blonde hair. Niall. I grinned softly and looked to my left. A boy with brown curly hair and another tan boy with black hair were sound asleep, snoring. Harry and Zayn. Louis and Liam were on the other side. I couldn't help but getting out my phone and taking a picture for Twitter. The shot was pretty funny. Everybody's hair was messy and bedraggled. "@zaynmalik @harrystyles @louistomlinson @liampayne @niallhoran gave me a surprise to wake up to! :) xx" I posted it. Adorable! I didn't know how much commotion that simple little Tweet would cause. Slipping out of bed, I couldn't help but to disturb their peaceful slumber. "WAKE UP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. All of the boys, almost at the same time, jumped out of the bed. Laughing, they all tackled me. "Hey!" I yelled! "Good one!" Liam said, smiling. I smiled back, and then Harry picked me up and tossed me to Zayn. I shreiked. "Stop!" I tried to be serious, but ended up laughing. Zayn carried me down the stairs and then Louis put me over his shoulder. "Is this a daily thing?" I giggled. "It is now." Louis winked. Rolling my eyes, I attempted to get out of Louis' grasp, but failed. I was then tossed to Liam who set me on the counter. I laughed. "Are you always this crazy?" I asked, still cracking up from the previous events. Harry nodded mischeviously and I hopped off of the counter, opening a few cabinets to find something for breakfast. "What are you doing?" Liam asked as I pulled out several things. "Erm, making breakfast.." I said slowly. Their faces lit up. "Why so happy?" I pulled out some pots and pans. "We usually just have pizza." Niall said sheepishly. I laughed. "Well, today, we are having pancakes." 

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