Get Outta My Head

Rosalie has no idea what will happen when she becomes close with One Direction. Will they just be friends? Or will one of the boys fall for Rosalie? Read this exciting fan fiction to find out!
First fan fic, but I'm an experienced writer, enjoy.


4. I never thought....

Rosalie's POV:

I never thought that this would actually happen. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my mouth dropped to the floor. "Wait, you brought me here?" I inquired softly. I was still in pain. They all nodded slowly. "Is your head feeling better?" Liam asked. I opened my mouth to say yes, but then shook my head and bit my lip. "Sorry about that, love." Harry said. I smiled weakly. "It is okay, it was that bitchy blonde." I scowled. The boys laughed. I ruffled my hair and smiled. I knew that killed the boys, but I didn't really have a chance. But I have to at least try. "I will leave you kids to talk." the nurse said. I nodded. "Thank you!" I smiled sweetly. "So.." Zayn said slowly. "Who are you exactly?" He didn't say it rudely, he was interested, and I was glad to speak about myself. "Erm, well, my name is Rosalie Harvard, I am almost eighteen, I have already moved away from my parents, I am going to college early, Cornell to be exact, I love animals, I am sporty, I like to shop-" I stopped myself and flushed when I realized the boys were giggling. "Sorry, I tend to talk too much." I stopped babbling. What the hell is wrong with me. Ugh. "It's alright, go on." Louis said, encouraging me to speak again. "Alright, well, my mom is Brazilian and German, and my dad is British and American. Thats why my accent is a little strange. It is American, but with a little foreign hint to it." I said proudly. "Interesting." Harry said. "And, I talk wayyy to much." I giggled. They laughed. Wow, that was easy. I twirled a piece of my hair. "Can we get outta here?" I asked. "I hate hospitals, and I don't like nurses touching me and changing me and sticking things into me." We all smiled. "Sure." Niall said. He had an adorable Irish accent. Gah, so cute. All of them were very, very attractive. I caught myself staring and looked away. "Well, I am going to change so we can leave." Zayn nodded and the boys walked out of the room. I layed down on my bed and smiled. One Direction. With me. Oh yes. 


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