Get Outta My Head

Rosalie has no idea what will happen when she becomes close with One Direction. Will they just be friends? Or will one of the boys fall for Rosalie? Read this exciting fan fiction to find out!
First fan fic, but I'm an experienced writer, enjoy.


8. Guitars and butterflies

Zayn's POV:

I think Harry got the wrong idea. We could trust this girl. I am positive she will not take advantage of our fame. She was a sweet girl who modeled, had a magazine, is feisty and sassy, and has a sense of humor. We had barely spent any time with her, but I am pretty sure we all agreed that she was here to stay and that she would be a loyal friend. After we ate the pancakes, we all decided that we should go to the fair later on.

Rosalie's POV:

I had a pancake eating contest with Niall. I won, and he was impressed with the 11 pancakes I had eaten, but I felt like I was gonna barf. Putting my plates and silverware in the sink, I announced that I was going to freshen up. Jogging up the stairs and kneeling by my suitcase, I grabbed a light pink crop top with floral shorts and light pink Toms. Perfect for Spring. Hopping into the shower, I massaged my head and absorbed the pleasure from the hot water. I wasn't in any rush, so I took my time with washing my hair. 

--30 minutes later--

I had showered, gotten dressed, and did my hair in a messy side braid. I put on a light amount of makeup, then stopped in front of the mirror. I saw so many things that were wrong. Huge thighs. Big stomach. Weird face. But at least my outfit was pretty. And if my bosses at Vogue think that I am pretty enough and skinny enough to be a model, I would believe them. Sighing, I scampered down the stairs and greeted Niall, who was now eating cereal. I laughed and sat down next to him. "Still hungry?" He nodded. I looked around and made sure no one was listening. "So, Niall, can I borrow your guitar?" I made my blue eyes very big. He nodded. "Do you play?" I smiled. "Mhm. Where is it?" For some reason I didn't want anyone but Niall to know. I had always been shy about my talents. "In my room. Second door to the left." "Thanks!" I exclaimed as I hopped back up the stairs. I grabbed the guitar and went back to the guest room.

Niall's POV:

She played guitar. Wow. I slowly tip-toed up the stairs and placed my ear on the door to the guest room. Rosalie had a great voice, and was very good at guitar.

"Beautiful people like you, who get whatever they want. Beautiful people like you, who suck the life right outta my heart." She sang with such emotion and played as if this were her last day on Earth. My mouth was hanging on the floor. Once she finished the song, I walked in. "That was great!" I exclaimed without thinking. Her face turned the color of strawberries. "Y-y-you were listening?" she stuttered. I bit my lip. "Sorry!" she shook her head and smiled. "It is alright. I am just shy about singing and playing the guitar." She looked at the ground, and I took my hand and tilted her chin up. "Hey, you are amazing." Our faces were very close. I gazed into her blue orbs. "Really?" I nodded. She leaned away from me; teasing me."Any requests?" she asked, more confident. "You Belong With Me." I suggested. "I love Taylor! Alright." She strummed the E-cord a few times and cleared her throat. I was amazed throughout the whole song.

"Have you ever just thought babyyy, you belong with meeee, you belong with me."

I gawked at her amazing talents as she finished. "Encore! Encore!" she giggled. Without even being asked, she began to play If I Die Young, then Lean On Me.

"Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your friend, I'll help you carryyy on, for, it won't be long, till I'm gonna need, somebody to lean on." I clapped. "This song is one of my favorites. My best friend and I declared it was 'our song' in fifth grade. Her name is Meagan." she whipped out her phone and showed me a picture of her and Meagan. She was on Meagan's back and kissing her cheek. Meagan was grinning happily, and they looked like the happiest people on Earth. "Those good middle school years." She said, sighing. "Do you know good songs we could sing together?" I asked quickly. Her face lit up, and she nodded. Our voices collided together beautifully as we sang Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift. Her eyes were closed and she was singing passionately. Even though it was a girly song, we sounded like angels. I wanted to re-live this moment forever. Her long, tan fingers plucked the guitar strings ever so gracefully as we sang to our heart's content. Smiling, I scooted closer to her as we finished. "Skyscraper?" she suggested. I nodded vigorously. Anything she wanted, I would sing. I never wanted to stop. Her angelic voice made me melt like butter on hot toast.  We must have sung for an hour or two, and those were the best moments I had ever had singing, other than on the X-factor. But this was different. 

Rosalie's POV:

Butterflies were going crazy in my stomach as we sang together. Our voices were like puzzle pieces; meant to be together. His voice was mesmerizing, much like his bright blue eyes. Hugging his guitar closer, I couldn't help but smile as he gazed at me, clearly impressed by my skills. He scooted closer, not once taking his eyes off of me. I wanted to listen to him sing forever. This seemed so right. 

"Like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper, like a skyscraper." By now, he had scooted his seat right in front of mine and our faces were inches apart. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy and I stopped strumming the beautiful guitar he had trusted me with. I took this time to look at his amazing features up-close. His lips looked pink and soft. His pale skin was perfect and glowing. His face seemed like it was crafted by Jesus himself. He was examining me as well, and a small grin danced on my lips. He leaned forward and I closed my eyes. Our lips were a millimeter away from colliding when someone knocked on the door. We both sprang back in shock. I sighed. Perfect moment ruined. Niall scooted his seat away from me to its original spot right when Harry and Louis popped their heads in the door. I immediately shoved the guitar to Niall and crossed my legs. Louis' smile instantly faded when he saw Niall and I together, but I simply ignored it and gave him a dashing smile. "Hey love, we were wondering if you wanted to come to the beach with us! It is a beautiful day!" He gave me a smirk. Ahh, adorable. How could I say no? I nodded. "Of course! Sounds fun! But what about the fair?" I asked. "We can go later." Louis shrugged. "Alright, we will be leaving in 30 minutes." They left to go and get ready, but Niall was still in my room. "Well, that moment was ruined." he said softly. "I know, but it won't be the last chance we have a moment to be more than friends." I gave him a mischevious smile and winked, pushing him out the door. He grinned wildly right before I shut it in his face. I quickly changed into my aqua Abercrombie tie bathing suit which was very skimpy. I got it from a summer photo shoot last year. Leaving my hair in a side braid, I took a look in front of the mirror. I frowned. Walking to the bathroom, I knelt by the toilet and stuck my finger down my throat, and my gag reflexes immediately made me vomit. I had been anorexic for about 1 year now. All of the negative comments about my body had gotten to my head. My breasts were a fine size, and that was all I liked. Glancing in front of the mirror again, I saw that my tummy had gotten smaller. I couldn't do anything about my thighs, but my tan abs really did show up after I did situps until I passed out. This was an un-healthy habit, but I didn't vomit that often because it is bad for my white teeth. I put on flip flops and a cover up, grabbed my beach bag, and skipped out of the door and down the staircase with my Ray Ban sunglasses on.

Niall's POV:

I grinned as she slammed the door in my face. She was playing gamed, and I liked it. Surely the boys only invited her to the beach to see her model body, but I then shook that thought out of my head. The boys weren't perverts. I literally skipped to my room, happy about the events that had happened almost 5 minutes earlier, and put my nicest swim trunks on. This was going to be fun.

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