Get Outta My Head

Rosalie has no idea what will happen when she becomes close with One Direction. Will they just be friends? Or will one of the boys fall for Rosalie? Read this exciting fan fiction to find out!
First fan fic, but I'm an experienced writer, enjoy.


5. Getting to know them

Rosalie's POV:

I got up to get ready. My pile of clothes was wrinkly. Ugh, I despise wearing the same outfit again without washing it. I slipped on my tank top with the London flag on it. I looked down at my legs. Ugh, I need to stop eating so much. I was 5'4 and 100 pounds. Short and chubby in my eyes. Slipping on my short denim shorts and navy Toms, I glanced at my wrist. The cuts were very noticeable. I put on a lot of concealer so they were not visible, then put my hair in a messy side braid. I smiled into the mirror. I have gotten good at fake smiling. I put on some mascara as I grabbed my purse and opened the door.

Louis's POV:

Rosalie came out of the room, and she looked pretty good for someone who just came out of surgery. She had covered up the stitches on her forehead with her hair, which was in a messy side braid. Classy. She smiled. "Are we gonna go or what?" She inquired. "Did the nurse tell you that you could leave the hospital?" Zayn asked. She smirked. "Nope." Harry smirked as well, and I could tell he was admiring her accent and her looks. Harry always liked girls with brown hair and blue eyes, and American accents as well, but she looked hard to get. 

Niall's POV:

She was pretty, but I had more of a taste for Irish girls. I think Harry will go after her anyway, he always does. Mainly for sleeping with. I hope he doesn't do that to her. "Let's go while the nurse is gone." she said, trotting down the halls. We skipped after, and she giggled. "Starbucks, here we come!" She said happily. We quickly got out of the hospital and walked to the nearest Starbucks. We all sat down at a table. "So.." She said. "Tell me about yourselves. The media gives everyone the wrong image, so what are you guys like?" Her blue eyes glanced at each one of us. We talked for a long time. Starbucks was about to close when we finally left. We laughed so hard that we cried. This girl is going to keep in touch, I can tell. 

Liam's POV:

"So, do you have a place to stay?" I asked. I couldn't help it, I like to make sure everything is alright. She flushed. "Actually, no, the flat where I was going to move into burned down, and I have been staying at relatives' homes for a while, and well, I ran out of relatives and now I am staying at a hotel. Not a very nice one." She smiled sheepishly and made a face. "It smells." Niall laughed loudly. He always does that. She smiled at him and looked him in the eye. Ooohhh, I thought, they would make a cute couple. But that probably won't happen. I glanced at all of the boys, and they nodded. "Then you can stay with us for a while!" I exclaimed. She gawked at me, and her face lit up. "Really?" she asked, her eyes still bright. "Yup." Louis said, popping the "p". "Let's go, the store is closing." I said. We walked out. Rosalie still looked shocked, but she was grinning wildly. 

Rosalie's POV:

I was really surprised. I thought I was too fat and ugly to hang with One Direction. I grinned and told the boys I would grab my things then drop by their place. I didn't stop smiling. Once.

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