Get Outta My Head

Rosalie has no idea what will happen when she becomes close with One Direction. Will they just be friends? Or will one of the boys fall for Rosalie? Read this exciting fan fiction to find out!
First fan fic, but I'm an experienced writer, enjoy.


1. I don't cry.

Rosalie's POV:

It was a beautiful day. Birds chirping and the sun shining. It was somewhat warm here. Spring. I smiled, and my dimple on my left cheek appeared. Sunday was always quiet. I yawned and checked my iPhone. Twitter notifications appeared. One Direction was going to be here for the 4 time this year. I saw the boys often. I am a fan, a big fan, but whenever I saw them I never freaked out. Maybe I will see them today, I mused quietly to myself. I put my long dark brown hair in a ponytail, but immediately took it out when I saw five familiar boys. They were not dressed very nice, most of them in sweatpants and carrying Starbucks bags and coffee. I parted my hair to the side, because my friends say I look pretty that way. I smiled and waved at them. They did the same back. I'm pretty sure they recognized me because I have seen them at least every time they visit. I probably seemed pretty cute to them before my phone blasted out "What Makes you Beautiful" at top volume. They all laughed and I blushed. I quickly decline the call. And then, out of the blue, screaming girls of all shapes in sizes start screaming. I tried to get out of the way, but it was too late. A perky and tall blonde had shove me, and I flipped down the stone steps. Luckily, there were only about 10 steps, but it still hurt. I screamed in agony, but no tears escaped from my pool blue eyes. I put my hand on the back of my head and felt blood. Fuck. I closed my eyes and layed down on the hard cement, waiting for someone to help me. I put my hand on the back of my forehead and felt blood yet again. I heard footsteps and someone strong helped me up. I didn't open my eyes, and my vision was fuzzy anyway. I had hit my head pretty hard. "Are you alright? You took a pretty nasty fall, but you aren't crying." a deep voice inquired. "I don't cry." I mumbled. I clutched my purse close to my body. "I think you need to go to the hospital. You're bleeding a lot." Another voice said. I nodded and they helped me to a car. "You're doing that for attention, bitch!" a fan said. Even though I couldn't see, I lifted my middle finger up. "Fuck you." I said wearily. The lat thing I heard before I passed out was an Irish laugh.
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