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So basically, this is about a girl named Gemma (sorry i hate using my own name, but i couldn't think of anything good :/ ) she goes on a cruise and meets a young Niall Horan (one year before one direction). the story deals with how there relationship as friends and maybe more, buds and what happens after the ship docks back in Barcelona, ending their face to face relationship.


3. Meeting the "future in-laws"

   He wore a simple white T-shirt and dark wash jeans. His dark brown hair was quaffed to the side, but not filled with disgusting extra gloppy gel like back in Jersey. His hair looked soft and shiny. The eyes on that boy were to die for! They were big and resembled the color of melted blue-raspberry slushies. He took notice of my gaze, so I quickly turned away and started up a conversation with a girl named Meredith from California. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the group. The boy shared a laugh with the kid to his left. This guy seemed to be the opposite. His un-quaffed hair fell around his head aimlessly. He was blond, with some brown underneath almost as if it was dyed. His eyes were the same as the other guys, but seemed to have a grayish tint to them. He wore a Manchester United soccer jersey, and ripped jeans. The guy seemed as mysterious as a bunny-rabbit. Half way through pretending to care about Meredith's rant about the song California Girls, Arielle called for me to join her and her new friends. My heart began to beat faster, although I had no idea why. I walked up to the small cluster of chairs. I felt bad that i had just deserted Meredith in the middle of her sentence, but I wasn't thinking. I was about to introduce myself, but my sister seemed to have that covered.

   "This is my sister, who is so dramatic, she needed a whole boot for her one stupid little, broken toe." I was so embarrassed, all I could do was look down at my "dramatic" foot. Everyone was laughing.

   "Does the drama queen have a name?" asked one guy who sat to the right, and seemed to resemble the brown haired boy, but with an older face and slightly longer bone structure. He wore a navy blue and dark orange stripped polo and tan khakis. I was thoroughly surprised when the voice registered in my head as having an Irish accent. I love accents, though it had caught me off guard.

   "Oh, my name's Ge..."

   "Her name's Gemma, but she likes Gem."  interruption, after interruption. In the fourteen years of my life I really hadn't known anything else. My parents used to always interrupt each other so I never thought anything of it. Other people were just naturally my ventriloquist. 

   "Really? I fancy the name Gemma!" Out came more Irish, but this time from a pretty girl sitting almost directly under me, with the same grayish-blue eyes and blondish-brunett hair as ripped jeans boy. I was in love with her outfit! It had seemed a bit too fancy for a teens club, but i shouldn't have been judging. She had on a long ankle lengthened strapless pink, but almost white dress and white gladiators. Her hair was pulled back into a messy yet stylish bun that seemed to take up the whole top of her head. "My name's Katie. This here's my brother Niall," just as I had suspected. Ripped jeans boy, now known as Niall, uncrossed half of his arm for a mere second to give a quick jolty wave in my direction. "and next to him is Mark," 'wow he looked so much like a Mark!'I had thought to myself. 'Please tell me he has an accent too!'

   He said "Hello" in the cutest voice ever, leaving his hands to freely tap away on his knees. "and then that's Neil," he stood up to shake my hand, how nice...he was a tower though! Neil was tall and skinny. I had to reach up for his hand! "and lastly, this is Ryan." I hadn't noticed Ryan sitting there. He was almost completely shadowed over by Neil, but when the shadow moved him into the lights of the club, I could see his full face. It was almost completely covered in big scars. From what I had seen of The Dark Knight, the Batman movie (when i wasn't covering my face like a cowardly little baby), I would have guessed they were burn scars. His eyes were the same blue as Mark and Neil's, but his hair was more like Niall and Katie's. I guess the scars weren't that bad, they were just a little obvious. 

   "Me Neil and Mark are brothers, and Katie and Niall are our family friends." Ryan's voice sounded smooth and rhythmic. "I'm fourteen, Neil's seventeen, so is Katie, Mark is sixteen, and really soon Niall's gonna be sixteen swell."

   "I'm fourteen." I said, realizing that was my first full sentence in the past half hour.

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