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So basically, this is about a girl named Gemma (sorry i hate using my own name, but i couldn't think of anything good :/ ) she goes on a cruise and meets a young Niall Horan (one year before one direction). the story deals with how there relationship as friends and maybe more, buds and what happens after the ship docks back in Barcelona, ending their face to face relationship.


5. August 19th Ice cream and a wee bun...ny

   The next morning, we had to wake up early to get off the boat. Naples and Sorrento were amazing! I was surprised and a little disappointed to find out that the pizza tasted the same as back in Jersey.When we arrived back on the boat, Arielle and I ordered cookies from room service, and we both showered off. "Ok Arielle, since I know you're gonna eat my cookies while I'm in the shower, just please leave me the chocolate chip one."

   "But that only leaves me with the oatmeal and the chocolate...nutty...thingy!" she protested.

   "But they're MY cookies. You already ate yours!" she was suck a little kid!

   "I can't guarantee anything..." she warned me. And with that, I rolled my eyes and slipped behind the big curtain that separated the bathroom, shower, sink, and door from the rest of tiny stateroom number 1028.

                                                                     .      .     .

As I was pulling my shirt over my head, after arguing with Arielle over eating my chocolate chip cookie, something strange happened. A Blue eyed, blond haired boy's crooked smile rushed through my mind so fast, I had to sit down for a couple of seconds. It was Niall's face that had caused my dizziness. I shook it off and pretended it hadn't happened.

                                                                       .     .     .

   I went to meet Meredith by our planned meeting spot, the elevators by Entourage. But for some reason, I couldn't keep the image of Niall's face from flashing through my brain. In this "picture", Niall's hair was a bit messed up, and I could only see tiny bit of the top of his...red?...green? shirt. It looked as if he was smiling directly down at me...nahh. I continued to keep my inner thoughts just that, inner. Meredith and I walked up to the top of the steps of Entourage, but before walking in, explained to me how she would be leaving the ship in two days when we docked in Florence. Meredith was nice, but she complaint so often so I pretended to be distraught at the awful thought of her leaving me. We walked in together as she consoled my fake sadness. (Lying is really the only thing I'm good at, but I don't use it to my advantage as much as other people would. I consider it acting anyway.)

   We hung out with Yorey, Ish, and Creepy Cousin Eric for about three hours, and then they came in. Arielle, Neil, Mark, Ryan, Katie, Lawrance, Katie2 and Niall. I tried not to even glance in their direction, from the lingering embarrassment of the first night on board, and from the whole Niall...situation, it'd be too much to talk to them. Too late. My eyes met his, and I had to sit again. I blamed it on dropping the air hockey puck, and bent down for a couple extra seconds as if I couldn't reach it. 'Smooth' I thought to myself, and popped back up, hitting my head on the corner of the hockey table. 'Wow! you're on a roll! why don't you fall of the side of the boat as your next trick?' Creepy Cousin rushed to my aid, but I assured him I was alright and continued on with my three to one game against Ish.

   After losing for the fourth time, Anchovy made an announcement.

   "Ok everyone, Entourage is temporarily closed. Freshen up, and change into something nice because when we re-open in thirty minutes, we have a special game to play with you!

   "Ooh I wonder what it is!" Meredith seemed a little too enthusiastic.

   "Yeah same." I replied.

   "Just kidding I know what it is!" she chirped with excitement as we walked down the steps together. She gave me no time to ask questions. "Its...a dating game!" she tripped over the last step. her arms flailed, blond AND brown curls went everywhere...because she brought me down with her. We both started to laugh. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Is your toe ok??" Meredith asked while holding back giggles.

   "Yeah I'm fine haha! are you ok?" I asked helping her back to her feet.

   "So what happens is, all the guys have to get up in front of all the girls one by one, and tell everyone about themselves." she completely disregarded my question, which I assumed was a yes, and continued on with her theory on what the game tonight would be. "All of the girls get a piece of paper with an X on it, and if the guy says something you don't like, you hold up your X as to say 'I don't like you'."

   "Really? That sounds humiliating!"

   "Yeah I guess so...for them."

   "I'd feel too mean to put my X up for anyone! What happens when some girls still have their X down?" I was kind of interested in the game, but I was too shy!

   "Well if theres only one girl with her X down, the guy and girl go down to the buffet for an "ice cream date"! How cute is that! Oh but if more than one girl didn't put her X up, they have to give reasons why the boy should pick her to go for ice cream."

                                                                    .     .     .

"I wonder what the game is Anchovy wants us to play is. We might bail if its too stupid." we obviously meaning the UK group. Good, I didn't want her to go! She would just embarrass me like always.

   "Its a dating game. Meredith told me. So yeah, you probably shouldn't go, cause of Aaron." Aaron's the boyfriend I was told not to bring up. I felt bad, I had already told Meredith.

   "Don't mention him! And it does sound kinda fun!" of course she would want to go! If somethings not allowed, she wants to do it. We walked to the elevators in silence. All of a sudden, about half way up to the deck the club was on, one of the guys from the spanish group walked into the elevator and started telling Arielle he was gonna take her to the H2o club...in the best english he could manage. It was pretty uncomfortable for me, but Arielle was flirting right back. When he left, I flipped.

   "Whats with you!? You're acting like you don't have a boyfriend which AGAIN I need to remind you that you do!"

   "Calm down! You're making a huge deal out of nothing!" I didn't fight back. There was no point. When Arielle thinks she's right, she's automatically right. When we arrived back at Enourage, all of the spinning chairs were in rows facing one spinning chair with its back to four others in a row facing the "audience". I spotted Meredith in the front row next to a girl from New York named O'nika. She had saved the seat on her left for me. Behind us, sat Katie, Neil, Ryan, Arielle, and Mark. Where was Niall? Why did I care? 

   I leaned over towards Leann (pronounced Lay-on)from Arabia and asked her what we were doing, since Meredith didn't have the right answer."I don't know, but I hope I'm not involved!" Leann was painfully shy when it came to guys. Just then, Aqua came out of the utility closet with a suit on. Everyone was laughing so hard because Aqua was a little fat guy from mexico who worked in the teen club. He began to Explain the directions in english and spanish translation. What was going to happen was, one person would sit it the chair facing the audience blindfolded. Four teens of the opposite sex would be chosen to sit in the chairs behind him/her and answer questions from a paper that Aqua would read aloud. The contestants would have to write down one of the multiple choice options on a mini white board.

   "Kupcake will pick one girl to be the bachelorette, and Anchovy will pick four boys to fight for her hand to go on an...ICE CREAM DATE!" Meredith got one part right.

   "Aqua, I have chosen the bachelorette. The lucky lady is...Leann!" Oh no! Poor Leann. Talk about irony.

   "Ohhh no no no. I'm fine! I can just watch." Aqua was dragging her by her wrists up to the chair.

   "Come on! It will be fun!" She looked back at me with an expression of terror across her face as if to ask for help. I mouthed "sorry" to her. What was I supposed to do? I wasn't gonna volunteer!

   The Guy contestants were chosen. One, was a guy from somewhere in the middle east named Kahlid, the others were one guy who didn't even speak english, the annoying kid Josh, who happened to live close to my town in New Jersey (I wasn't thrilled) and Mark. I had kind of forgotten about him. His cuteness didn't really effect me anymore since I didn't talk to him. Leann had ended up doing great. She picked contestant two, which was Kahlid, and they left for ice cream! "Ok, now Kupcake will choose one bachelor, and Anchovy will choose four lovely ladies." They blindfolded Niall, who I didn't even notice had been sitting directly behind me.'I guess thats a good thing...' I thought to myself. Anchovy decided he would mess with Niall. Contestant one was Katie, his sister, Contestant two, was Arielle, who didn't object to her role whatsoever. Meredith waved goodbye to me as she walked up to the contestant three chair, and contestant four, was my brother Seth. Did I not say I have a brother? Oh, well...I do haha. He's three years older than me, so he was seventeen then.

   The game was hysterical. Arielle and Katie were writing down all of Seth's answers for him, so he would be an appealing girl to Niall. By the end, the obvious choice for Niall was Seth.

   "Ok, Niall which contestant will you choose to take on a romantic ice cream date? One, Two, Three...or Four?" Every voice fell silent, waiting for the answer everyone was hoping for.

   "I think I have to go with...hmm...Contestant four." Everybody worked as hard as they could to keep from bursting out in laughter.

   "Lets see the ladies you gave up for pretty Number four, shall we?" One by one the girls kneeled down in front of him, and they lifted his blindfold only enough for him to see who it was.

   "I knew it was you Katie!...Get outa here haha!...Oh...hah bye." 

   "Ok Niall are you ready to see who you're taking on the romantic ice cream date?" They sat Seth down on Nialls lap.

   "Hahaha yeah I'm ready." he said nervously. They lifted the blindfold, revealing a grinning Seth carrying a small stuffed bunny in his hand. Niall's face went blank for a second or two, and then, he jumped up, hugged my brother, and off they went on their date. Cheers, laughs, claps and whistles went around the whole room until Anchovy took over the microphone, and settled everyone down.

   "Now everyone, we are going to play another game!" He began explaining the rules for the game Meredith had described.'Oh crap!' I thought to myself. What was I gonna do?!

   "We have to make excuses for everyone who goes up." Meredith whispered. Its like she had read my mind.

   "Whats going on?" Leann had just come back from her ice cream and looked pretty happy.

   "We're playing a new game. Just count to ten and hold up the piece of paper on your chair." She agreed, and so did I. Each time a guy came up, I put my X up and shouted out a random personality trait. A couple times, I glanced back to make sure Arielle had her paper up, to which she replied with a finger...

   "Um...I'm Ishmael, but my friends call me Ish..." Leann immediately put up her X. "I play basket ball and run track," I looked to Meredith who still hadn't put up her X. "I'm seventeen."

   "Oh! Too old for me!" I exclaimed, and threw up my paper along with the other girls around my age...except for Mer. "Meredith," I whispered. "why didn't you put your X up?"

   "I feel so bad for him! almost everyones...everyones X is up. He's like a lost puppy...this is gonna be awkward." And with that, she stood up, and walked past the tv consul, and out the entrance, followed by Ish. I didn't understand why nobody would want to go with him. He wasn't severely ugly or anything.

    After about four to six more couples walked off for their ice cream including my brother and a cute spanish girl, Mer and Ish still weren't back. I started talking to Leann about the possibility of them liking each other. She agreed. I hadn't notice the next guy step up to the mic. Leann rose her X, but we were still talking, so I hadn't payed attention. 

    When I has finished talking, I looked around to see that only three other girls hadn't had their X up. One was the short dumpy Russian girl with a ratty bun and a shirt that was too small to cover her muffin top, and the other was my friend Katie2. She was really pretty. She has bleach blond hair and stunning green eyes. I leaned back in my chair to try to see who the third girl was. Nobody was talking or giving reasons on why they should be picked, so I gave up, and turned around to see who was up in front, and how much time I had to raise my X...

   Too late...again. There was Niall Horan's grinning face a foot away from mine, with his hand out waiting for me to reach up and grab it. I didn't know what to do! Why hadn't he chosen Katie2? I never attempted to persuade him! Did anybody?

   "You don't want to know why the girls think you should take them Niall?" The whole room was silent.  that answered my question. It looked as if I was rejecting him because I hadn't taken his hand. But still smiling, Niall shook his head and I had no choice but to accept his gesture. He pulled me to my feet and handed me the stuffed bunny my brother had given him earlier. "AWW"'s came from the sea of people behind me, and everyone applauded. 

   "Look I'm Niall and I have a wee bun......ny" Ryan exclaimed in playful mockery. He caught himself by adding the 'ny' but he sounded like such a leprechaun that I had to laugh. But my laugh was taken the wrong way...

   "What a cute couple!"one person said.

   "So adorable!" I heard from another.

   "Just remember thats my brother! Haha." obviously that was from Katie...awkward.

   "Woo! Take her by the boot!" I shot Arielle a look, and she just gave me a face full of satisfaction, and continued to clap. I turned back around so I could see where I was walking, when something totally unexpected happened...        

Niall's arm was draped over my shoulders.


                                                     To Be Continued in next chapter...

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