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So basically, this is about a girl named Gemma (sorry i hate using my own name, but i couldn't think of anything good :/ ) she goes on a cruise and meets a young Niall Horan (one year before one direction). the story deals with how there relationship as friends and maybe more, buds and what happens after the ship docks back in Barcelona, ending their face to face relationship.


4. August 18th jerks and freaks

   After the first night on ship, I had made my own group of friends. There was Meredith from California, Eric from New York, Ish from Washington D.C., his cousin Eric2, a guy we called Arabia from.. obviously Arabia, and Yorey from Holland. Most of them had been on the ship for a week already, so the new kids got a tour (which took so long!). It'd be a really hard game of hide and seek to have there. They were a weird group, but really fun to be around. Arielle could keep her fancy irish people. Since the boat wasn't docking that day Arielle and I ate breakfast with Ish and Eric2. After we were all done, we went back to our own cabins. The day seems to start out like it was my regular routine, even though I had been on the ship for less than two days. While in our small stateroom, we got into a fight.

   "Thats my bandeau! Take it off I need it!" 

   "Can't you just wear mine?!" I hollered back.

   "No, I don't wanna!" She was such a baby!

   "Oh my god! Fine!" I flung my arms up in the air, and she yanked the bandeau off my body.

   "Out side the room, we can't fight. Like at all. We have to pretend that we like each other at least. OK
?" I was so annoyed with that i couldn't speak. I just shook my head yes.


                                                                        .   .   .


   Most of us had only been on the cruise for now night, but cliques were already forming. There was the spanish group (The people who only spoke spanish), the UK and Arielle group, the mix group (my group), and the freaks that nobody else would talk to. As soon as Anchovy (one of the teen club workers) had started explaining to us a game that was going to be played the next night, the entire spanish group (which was about half the damn room) got up and left. Needless to say, they were a bunch of assholes. Some were nice though... but not most of them.

   All my sister would talk about ever since we got back from the teen club, was the irish people. "So Neil's really smart and goes to an all boys private school, but he's not gay. Instead of garbage can they say bin! Mark Ryan and Neil's mom has a nickname for each of them. Wanna hear them? Well I'll tell you anyway. Neil is Piglet, Mark is Poppet, and ryan is Pigeon. Weird right?! Oh and Niall and Katie both really have brown hair but Katie started dying it, and dyed Nialls in his sleep as a joke, but he likes it! So now their both bottle blonds." She never stopped! I had known so much about them by 2:00 am that I might as well have lived with their families! She had talked herself to sleep.

   It was time to play a game with everyone. In this game, one person has to dress up like a clown, and hide around the ship. Everyone gets into groups, and we go searching for him. The first groups to find him gets a bead, and he goes and hides again. Mark was chosen to be the clown, and everyone waited ten minutes for him to hide, and the groups went off.

   About half way through, my group had four beads. We were hanging over a balcony that overlooks the deck below, and I see that Niall kid and Ryan. 

   "What decks is he allowed to be on again?" Arabia asked.

   "Five six and seven." Replied Eric1. We had really stopped trying, and were just hanging around.

   "Gemma come on with us!" called a voice from below. It was Niall. He motioned for me to come down there, but in all honesty, he seemed like a jerk. I shook my head no and simply went back to the conversation. I had no idea what we were talking about, so I turned my head back around, just to see if they had left. Niall was there, but Ryan wasn't. Everyone had left him. I don't think on purpose though, he was just standing there. He looked a little sad. I had no clue why.  

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