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No hate please.

So basically, this is about a girl named Gemma (sorry i hate using my own name, but i couldn't think of anything good :/ ) she goes on a cruise and meets a young Niall Horan (one year before one direction). the story deals with how there relationship as friends and maybe more, buds and what happens after the ship docks back in Barcelona, ending their face to face relationship.


2. August 17th 2009 arriving at Entourage

   I had to admit, after walking around Barcelona for half a day without my boot, (did I mention I broke my toe and screwed up the last two weeks of camp ever? Well, I did. I broke it so bad I had to wear a full boot on my foot, but...lets not get into details.) because my mom was afraid I wouldn't be allowed to join the family on our segway tour of the Raviata, it felt good to lay back on my comfy stateroom bed...that I shared with Arielle. As soon as I got comfortable, "Come on lil'bitch we're going to the teen club."

   "Ugh! We just got here though." I protested in exhaustion.

   "I don't care! Entourage closes at 12:45, which means we only have like...umm..."

   "Four hours and twenty-one minutes."I might have been younger by about two years, but there was no doubt i was the smarter one.

                                                                      . . .

   After stumbling around the boat after my giddy sister for what seemed like an hour, we finally found the teens club. Arielle Bounded up the steps and I trudged after her. 

   "Do NOT embarrass me during this trip. Do you understand me?"The last few words fell out of her mouth all choppy. This was because she was struggling with the main entrance. After realizing the door was a push and not a pull, we stepped inside. Beyond the glass door was like a mini dream. in the center of the room was a four-sided consul with flat screens and video games. In front of each tv was a purple cushy velvet couch with matching side tables that double as foot rests (a questionable combination). We were greeted at the door by a pretty young Entourage employee with big curly hair. 

   "Hello girls! Nice to meet you. you can call me Kupcake. Just swipe your cards and wash your hands and you're free to hang out!" We swiped as told, and used the hand sanitizer. I took a look around the room before stepping any further in even though Arielle had already disappeared to the other side of the huge tv consul. Around the room, the top of the walls jutted out to expose a red light outline of the oddly shaped club. On the right side was a wall made completely of windows to overlook the sea. Against the wall, and the windows were three huge chairs that resembled...well we called them the "dildo chairs". Big and purple, they reached half way up to the ceiling. I walked in a bit more. Against the wall on my left were Five more flat screens playing the music video for some spanish song called TacaTa. The music was catchy, even though I didn't understand a word of it. Finally, after examining everything visible from my point of view, I walked past the tv area to a huge circle of different colored spinny chairs, some purple, some pink and some orange. Lights were flashing, and people were dancing. Off to the far corner was a smaller circle of chairs. Standing over them was my sister. And then I saw him...

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