Did you forget?

No hate please.

So basically, this is about a girl named Gemma (sorry i hate using my own name, but i couldn't think of anything good :/ ) she goes on a cruise and meets a young Niall Horan (one year before one direction). the story deals with how there relationship as friends and maybe more, buds and what happens after the ship docks back in Barcelona, ending their face to face relationship.


1. August 16th 2009

   Tears streamed down my face as we all said our final goodbyes. Yes I know people shouldn't get so upset over summer camp, but we had all been together since we were in kinder garden! "I'm gonna miss you so much!" Leanna says. "We have to hang out all the time."

   "I seriously would rather spend another two weeks in camp than go on this stupid cruise." Wish i never said that..

   "Gem, what is wrong with you?! You're going to Italy and Spain!" Hannah was REALLY riding up my ass. She kept talking about how I'm soo lucky, and that nobody else including her has this opportunity. I'd have be happy to send her off with my family and stay the hell home (at the time). Ugh! She sounded like my damn mother.

   "And France..." is all I said, but just to get on her nerves. She sounded like a chipmunk on crack when she was angry, and everyone found it funny. But then Mike joined in with the choir.

   "Wow, your brains, f-ed up." I wanna scream. It seems like I'm the only one who cares about this place. The place we grew up in. The place we're never coming back to.

                                                                            . . .


   On the plain to Barcelona, I sat next to my sister, who as usual, had no regard for anyones feelings but her own. I was looking out the tiny round window, listening to Time of your Life by Green Day on loop, until the flight attendant came around telling everyone to turn their electrical devices off. I tried my hardest not to cry.

   "Lil'bitch," my sister shoved me in an oh so caring way, "if you're not gonna use your headphones can I have them? I hate the cheep plastic ones they give us, and you know I need to keep up on my Mtv." I unwounded my perfectly un-tangled ear pieces, and practically threw them at my big sister's face. "My god! What crawled up your ass this morning?"

   "Just don't talk to me please." I never talked back to Arielle. Not out of respect! Oh hell no. I didn't talk back because i know that if i did, she'd be so fast to backhand me that I'd probably bleed. Nothing new.


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