I know we only met, but lets pretend its love

Mia and Jessica have been best friends since they were in diapers. They are seventeen years old and in the 12th grade. They have loved one direction since the beginning and are the biggest directioners in their school. They have been trying to convince their parents to let them move to England and share a flat since after they graduate, since they were fifteen. Will they be able to move to England? What will happen if they go or don't go?

***authors note: this is my first fan fiction so I hope you guys will enjoy***


4. Talking to parents and news from Mia

****(A/N) Hey guys, this is kind of a short chapter. My grandmother is in the hospital and I don't have time to write a long chapter. I might get bored later on and post a new chapter either tonight or in the morning. Love you guys and thanks for supporting my fan fiction.****


*Jessica’s Point of View*


Mia dropped me off at my car about fifteen minutes ago and I’m finally pulling into the driveway. I really don’t want to work tomorrow because I would have liked to sleep in on a Saturday, but oh well. I will be with Mia, so it shouldn’t be that bad. I walk into the house and put my car keys on the table. “Anybody home?” I yelled, even though I knew there would be. “Hi sweetheart, we are in the kitchen.” My mom said. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed an apple, took a bite, and sat down beside my parents at the table. “How was work today, honey?” my dad said to me. “It was good, but I’m going to go to bed because Alyssa told us that we needed to be in for work in the morning since they were going to be low on staff.” “Okay, well goodnight and sweet dreams. I won’t be here tomorrow and neither will your mom. We both had some business stuff come up.” “Okay, no problem. Will y’all be here tomorrow night?” “Nope so you will have to fend for yourself. No parties, okay?” he said sarcastically. “You know me and my wild parties I throw!” I said with a giggle. Ashley is in college and only comes home for holidays, so I never ask about her being here. I kissed him on the cheek and I did the same to my mom. I walk to my room and into my bathroom to take a shower and get ready for bed. I hop in bed and go straight to all my social networking things. I hadn’t checked them weeks because of school being so crazy. Its close to the end of the year and they start pushing really hard before we graduate. I know it sounds weird, but our school works a little bit differently then others. Don’t ask why because I have no clue. Text from Mia: “OMG ONE DIRECTION IS IN THE US!” I am totally fangirling right now! I cant believe one direction is actually in our country. Text to Mia: “OMG. Le dead. Where?”  Before Mia responded, I fell asleep. I must have been more exhausted than I thought. 

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