I know we only met, but lets pretend its love

Mia and Jessica have been best friends since they were in diapers. They are seventeen years old and in the 12th grade. They have loved one direction since the beginning and are the biggest directioners in their school. They have been trying to convince their parents to let them move to England and share a flat since after they graduate, since they were fifteen. Will they be able to move to England? What will happen if they go or don't go?

***authors note: this is my first fan fiction so I hope you guys will enjoy***


3. School, bakery, and not so good news


Mia’s Point of View:

*Bell Rings*

Oh thank goodness. I am so ready to leave school today. There were so many tests and I literally think that my brain just might explode. Where is Jessica? I thought to myself. I turn around and see her talking to one of our friends about the upcoming weekend. “Jessica, we got to go. We don’t want to be late for work again today!” I said a little loudly. “I’m coming” Jessica sang. “Bye talk to you later” she said to our friend. She ran over to where I was standing by the door of the classroom. “Your car or mine?” We usually ride with each other to work since gas is so expensive these days. “We’ll take mine since we took yours yesterday.” “Okay sounds good. I’m so glad today is done and we only have a 5 hour shift today at the bakery. Then, we are free for the weekend” “I know, I am so excited!” I said as a twirled around with a little too much excitement and accidently smacked Jessica’s arm. “Oww!” she said to me. “Please it didn’t hurt that bad. Drama just oozes from your body!” I said with a smirk. She looked at me hurt but couldn’t hold back her laughter. We both made it to my car still laughing from the previous events. I got in the drivers sit and Jessica in the passengers, while she turned up the volume to the radio. We both looked at each other with excitement when we heard “Live While Were Young” on the radio. We both had a fangirl attack and started screaming with excitement. Once we calmed ourselves down, I backed out of the parking space and headed towards the bakery. The bakery is about 45 minutes away, so we always have plenty of time to talk. Not that we don’t do that enough already.  “OMG! I am so excited for the new album to come out!” Jessica said while bouncing in her sit with excitement. “Me too. I wander if Niall and Louis get any extra solos in the new songs?” “I sure hope so. They have just as beautiful of voices as the rest of them!” “I definitely agree! I hope the bakery is crowded today because I don’t want to end up bored!” Yesterday there was hardly anyone at the bakery and the time seems to go by so much slower when that happens.

*30 minutes later*

We finally arrive at the bakery and walk through the back door to be greeted by our manager with our aprons. “Hey girls, I’m going to need you to work in the kitchen today. We are running a little low on kitchen staff and the bakery is packed today.” Our manager said to the both of us. Thank goodness it was busy. Whenever it was busy, it meant that we got to actually bake, which was my favorite part of the job. We through our aprons on and walked into the kitchen saying hello to everyone who was back there. Jessica walked to the cookie station to begin making all sorts of cookies and I walked over to the cupcake station and immediately began to bake the cupcakes so that they would cool off before I frosted them. After the cupcakes finished baking, I walked over to get them out of the oven. As I started walking back to decorate them, I caught myself humming What Makes You Beautiful. I smiled when I realized and looked over to Jessica who had heard me too and decided to start humming and dancing around to the beat. She always makes me laugh. I looked up at the clock and realized that it was already time to go home. “Hey Alyssa, our shift is over. Jessica and I are heading home. Do you need anything before we leave?” “Actually, I have a really big favor to ask you guys” “Sure what do you need?” I said, but kind of hesitantly because I am honestly ready for a fun filled weekend. “I have already had 4 employees tell me that they wont be able to make it tomorrow. Can you two work the morning shift?” Alyssa asked with pleading eyes. Well there goes my work free weekend….

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