Meeting Liam and Niall

Liliana Moon Renteria and Ashley Moon Renteria finally get to meet One Direction's
Liam James Payne and Niall James Horan.
Will Ashley and Lily fall madly in love with the lads or be just friends?


1. Liam and Ashley? Niall and Lily?

Chapter 2.

"Ah, take a deep breath and smell the Ireland air," I said as we stepped outside the house.

"Oh yes, the sweet smell of car fumes and petrol!" Ashley retorted teasingly.

I gave her a 'you killed it' look jokingly but then started to giggle

"I can't believe we're ACTUALLY in Mullingar!" I gasped

"Same here, I can't believe we're going to school in Ireland for a year!" She laughed.

"Completely agreed!" I said, as I started to walk down a road, reading the map in my hand, "Dunno about you but I wanna dump our bags in the hotel and then get sightseeing!"

"Sounds good" She agreed, and started to follow me.

Ashley and I got a scholarship into a school in Mullingar for a year, and so we packed our bags and travelled from Donegal (also in Ireland) to come and stay here. We were staying in a hotel until we could find an apartment to rent that was close to the school.

"Wow, there are trains going everywhere!" I exclaimed as we studied the metro map at the train station that showed trains that could go everywhere, which was very different to the metro system we had in Donegal.

"Where do you want to go?" Ashley asked, "There are so many places!  Giant's Causeway, the Guinness Storehouse, Newgrange, and Glendalough…"

"Lets just get on a train and get off when we see something interesting" I suggested.

Ashley agreed and we walked down to a platform.

The train station was so busy and full of people moving on and off them. We got on one and I moved my way around trying to find a seat, but the train was too full and so Ashley and I just stood squashed in the middle.

There seemed to be a platform where lots of people got off, and so I started to move towards a seat, but in doing so I bumped into a guy getting on the train, and accidently knocked off the sunglasses he was wearing.

"Oh god I'm so sorry!" I apologised and picked up his glasses.

When I stood up I noticed his face, his brown eyes , and his brown hair.

It was Liam Payne.

I was so shocked and speechless that I just froze, still holding his sunglasses.

He put his finger to his lips and by some miracle I managed to stay quiet and hand his sunglasses back to him.

"Thanks" he said smiling

"No problem" I said quietly, smiling at him, as he put on his sunglasses.

I heard a gasp behind me and I saw Ashley staring at Liam, her eyes wide with a ridiculous grin on her face.

"Hi" Liam said to her, smiling.

"Hi" she said, and looked at me with an "OH MY GOD" look.

I knew for a fact that Liam was Ashley's favourite member of One Direction, and so I moved out of the way so that they could talk. After Ashley got over her star struck phase, they started talking easily, and before long they were talking like friends that had known each other for years. But that didn't surprise me, I mean, Ashley LOVED One Direction (like I did, but I wasn't that obsessed ) , knew everything about them and had watched basically every single interview that Liam had done. 

After a long time on the train Liam said to both of us "hey my stop is coming up soon, do you guys want to come an visit my apartment? I share one with Niall, it's not far from here"

"He's like your best bro, right?" Ashley asked giggling, she sure did her research.

"haha yep, he sure is, some days when I do something he goes 'come back here, I own you!' it's hilarious"

We all laughed and then I said, "Yeah sure, it would be great to visit!"

"Cool!" he laughed and Ashley beamed at me gratefully. 

We got off the train and it was only a short walk before Liam said, "Ok, here it is!"

Ashley and I tried not to look astonished at the amazing apartment that Liam and Niall lived in, it was massive. We exchanged amazed looks and Liam led us into the dining/lounge room.

"Take a seat," he said, gesturing to the couches, "Want anything to drink?"

"Water please" we both said, and he walked into the kitchen to get some. I would have preferred a Milo, but I wasn't sure if they had Milo in Ireland.

"I think he likes you," I whispered to Ashley.

"What? Me? No of course not!" Ashely whispered back

"Why not?" I asked, I mean, I could see that he did by the way he looked at her.

"I don't have blue eyes!" Ashley said, clearly devastated, and I had to burst out laughing, remembering once that Ashley had read something about Liam liking girls with blue eyes

"I honestly don't think he cares!" I said in between giggles, and she looked a bit relieved

"Shut up" she said teasingly and started to laugh as well.

She stood up and went to help Liam in the kitchen, but I just stayed on the couch.

There was nothing for me to do really, so I started reading a book that was on the table, it was called "Ben Elton- Meltdown".

Soon after I started reading, someone came in the door

"Hello!" came a shout, I Laughed, and put the book down to find a cute blue eyed blonde haired Niall looking at me smiling " Do you like the book?"

I laughed, I was almost star struck, but I had already decided that this all must be a dream so I acted like he was a normal person and said, "I'm only on the first page!"

"Hi 'only on the first page' I'm Niall!" he teased, and it was so lame I had to laugh, I could tell we were going to be friends already.

"My name's Lily" I said shyly

"Well then I want to know why there is a Lily sitting on my couch!" Niall laughed, "Not that I'm complaining!"

Was this guy going to make me laugh all day? "I came here with my friend Ashley, we met Liam on the train and he asked us to come and visit" I said, smiling at him. Niall was really cute.

"ooOOooOOooOOooh, he asked you guys to visit aye?" he said, wiggling his eyebrows, "I hear him talking to her, Lets go embarrass him!" and with that he started skipping into the kitchen with a mischievous look on his face, and of course I followed.

"HOOONEEEYYY, I'M HOOOOOMMMEEE!" he announced loudly to Liam and bundled him in a massive hug and gave him an almost-kiss on the cheek.

"Niall! GET OFF ME!" Liam laughed embarrassed and blushing

Ashley and I started cracking up laughing and watched Liam go even redder.

"Is she your giiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrlfriend? I'm so jealous! WHAT ABOUT ME LIAM? I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS REAL!" Niall got down on one knee and fake cried and whined.

We all laughed again and Niall slowly crawled away from Liam "YOU BROKE MY HEART" he said, but he couldn't keep a straight face any more and started to laugh with us.

"Come on guys lets sit on the couches and introduce ourselves properly!" Niall laughed and then walked smiling back to the lounge room.
Chapter 3.

About one and a half hours of us all talking and getting to know each other, Louis suggested watching a movie, "wow its already 5 o'clock, you guys don't have to be home anytime soon right?" Niall said

"Nah, we're staying at a hotel, we can decide our own going home time thank you very much! And unless you want to get rid of us, we're going to stay longer!" I said smiling

"Good" Niall said quietly to me, smiling. He hadn't looked at me like that before, it was out of character, but it was nice.

"Lets leave them alone shall we?" Niall whispered to me as he gestured towards Ashley and Liam who were sitting on the couch curled up in each other's arms, aw!

We left them and then went out to the balcony and sat on the outdoor couch (yes, that was correct, they have an outdoor couch on their balcony)

We talked for a bit, he was so easy to get along with, until after a while I was talking and I noticed that Niall was looking at me in that same strange way.
"What?" I asked

He just laughed like I was a little kid who didn't understand a joke, I seriously had no idea why he was looking at me like that

"Hey that's a pretty flower!" Niall said, his old self back again, smiling brightly. He picked it and handed it to me "for you, my lady!" he said jokingly

I laughed, "Why thank you good sir!"

"The weather, I fear, is becoming quite nippy, shall we depart our lovely place of rest and re-enter the room of living?" he jumped up and smiled at me, offering his hand to help me get up

"That we shall!" I agreed laughing, and we linked arms and started skipping into the lounge room, Niall singing some olden day song and me laughing.

I suddenly shushed Niall, as I saw Ashley fast asleep on Liam's lap

"shh" Liam whispered to us, smiling softly, and gently stroking Ashley's hair, "She's so beautiful even when she's asleep" he whispered lovingly, I don't think he quite realised that we were there even though he was talking to us, he just looked at Ashley smiling, "Can you pass me a blanket?" he asked Niall.

Niall passed him one and Liam gently put it over Ashley, she moved a bit, but only curled up to Liam even more, and his eyes shined and he looked as if his heart would melt.

Niall and I left the room, and we walked up to Niall's bedroom, and I could see a bit of jealousy in Niall's eyes, I wondered if he liked Ashley, it wouldn't surprise me.

I wasn't really thinking, if I was in my right mind and not so tired I probably wouldn't have asked, but it seemed like I had known him for ages, "hey Niall, are you jealous of Liam, I mean, do you like Ashley a bit?"

He looked at me honestly, "No I don't like Ashley, but yeah I am jealous of Liam, he seems to be able to talk to girls so easily, and they fall for him straight away, not like me…"

I laughed, "trust me Niall, I know plenty of girls who have fallen for you, and they haven't even met you! You are fine with girls, like me! Talking to me wasn't so bad was it?" I teased.

"I suppose you're not so bad!" he teased "but I was still nervous talking to you. You were different, most girls who meet us would call all of their friends and take photos of our apartment and stuff like that. But instead I came in and saw you just sitting calmly on the couch reading a book!"

"Yep, that's little weird me!" I laughed at him and he looked at me in that same strange way, except also mixed with a kind of…admiration?

He looked at his watch, "wow, its already 1! You can stay here tonight if you like, we have heaps of room"

"Yeah cool thanks that'd be great!" I said gratefully, and right on cue, I yawned.

"What good timing! I'll get your bed set up" he laughed and went to get it ready.

I felt the door open but I pretended I was asleep, and I could tell by the footsteps that it was Niall. He put another blanket on me, and I could feel his eyes on me, his hand gently pushed a few strands of my blonde hair from my face and I felt my stomach flutter. I heard him stand up and leave the room.

"Oh my god" I whispered quietly to myself.
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