love me

my name is Madison. i have always been bullied and today is the last day of school and my life...or is it.when i meet one direction my idols on my way home little do they know they've added another day to my life.


3. the date

ok so today im going on my date with niall. EKK!!!!!!!! the date  "hey" "hey wanna sit down" "sure" we go and sit down and start talking "so whats up with you today" "umm nothin i was just super nervous about our date" he starts smiling "omg did i say that out loud" "ya and truthfully i was pretty nervous too" you start to smile and blush after the date you were driving home when niall grabbed your hand. you started to smile amd when you get home he walked you to the door and grabbed your hand and said "so i had a great time tonight i hope we can do it again" he pulls you closer and looked into your eyes then he kissed you. (A/N sorry i havent updated dont forget to like and favorite :) )

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