If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


19. worried sick

Harry's POV:

Everyone was home except Alex, Kathleen, Zayn, and Liam. It was 4pm and we wanted to make dinner plans with everyone tonight. "Where is everyone?!" Chloe shouted. "We need to make a plan because i'm starving." Niall said. "Niall you are always hungry." Chloe said walking over to Niall and sitting on his lap. "Ok everyone calm down i will just call Alex, she always has her phone." Julia said. After a couple seconds Julia hung up. "She isn't answering." Julia said. "Ok well i know Kathleen's phone is here and i tried Zayn and he didn't answer. So i guess i will call Liam." Julia said. "Oh..My..God..Holy shit..omg this isn't happening we will be right over." I heard Julia saying on the phone. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Louis asked. "Alex and Kathleen are in the hospital they got into a bad car crash today and the doctors don]t now if they are going to make it.Get it the car we are going right now." Julia's face was straight she didn't show any emotion. We followed her and got into the car and quickly drove to the hospital. In the car i was holding Mia she was crying. I looked back and saw Chloe and Niall. Chloe was balling her eyes out and was in Niall's arms. Niall looked like he was going to cry but he didn't because i knew he wanted to stay strong for Chloe. Julia still had a straight face staring at the road through the window. Louis was driving but he was quiet. I was about to cry but i knew i had to stay strong like Niall and pray that everything will be ok.

Zayn's POV:

I cant believe that this is happening. Only a couple hours ago Alex and Kathleen were perfectly fine. I blamed myself only if i went with them they wouldn't  be in this mess and i would still have her. I miss her kiss, her smile, her personality, everything about her i miss. If she doesn't come back my world will never be the same again. I just sat in the chair staring at Alex she was so beautiful i finally found the girl of my dreams and she is almost dead. i thought then i felt tears streaming down my face i couldn't help it the best thing that has ever happened to me might not ever come back. I started balling my eyes out. I needed to talk to Liam i couldn't sit and watch Alex in pain any longer. I walked into Kathleen's room he was still where he was when we first got her sitting by Kathleen holding her hand. "Liam..?" i said in a weak voice. "hey" he said in a soft voice. He turned around and i could tell he had been crying too because his eyes were red and puffy. "I know i am the strong one but i cant do it any longer Zayn." Liam said now frantically crying. "I can't let her leave Zayn i just can't." he said crying even harder. I gave him a hug. I looked at him and told him "We can get through this together and everything is going to be alright." i said. "You don't have to be the strong one any longer." i said. Liam nodded. "Thanks." he said. We turned back and looked at Kathleen. "Oh god." i said. "Zayn we are going to get through this together, we both just need to be strong right now for the girls." Liam said. I nodded "For the loves of our lives." i said. "Kathleen." Liam said. "Alex" i said. Then i walked back into Alex's room. i kept thinking i have to be strong for Alex. For Alex my love, my life, my princess. Then i drifted off to sleep wanting to think that this was just a dream. Then i awoke to a knock on the door. It was the nurse. I'm sorry boys but we are going to have to do some more tests on the girls so you need to leave you guys can come back in about an hour. "Ok." Liam said wiping tears from his eyes. "Are they going to be ok?" i asked. Liam and i looked at her in concern. "We don't know yet. i am very sorry." "thanks." i said coldly as i walked out of the room with Liam behind me. we both sat down in the chairs by the front desk. "things will get better." i said. "i hope so zayn, i really hope so." Liam said looking back down on the ground. We were both silent for a while until we heard people running towards us.


hey guys thanks so much for reading! it means a lot. There will be more tonight. xx

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