If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


37. shopping


We were driving in the car and singing on the top of our lungs to heart attack when we finally pulled up to the mall. I got out of the car and put my hod-die on and hid my face so know one would recognize me and Alex did the same. When we got into the mall with out being seen we decided to go to forever 21 first. "Alex i am so happy we are having a day just us, i feel like we haven't talked just us in forever." I said. "Same here! tell me everything with you and Harry, i'm dying to know!" She said giving me a hug. As i peeled her off me i told her about me and Harry. "Well where should i start, me and Harry are going strong, i mean he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have just been hanging out together and i think we are getting serious but i don't know. I just want to be as serious as you and Zayn. But i love Harry so much!" I said explaining while Alex was looking at tight fitting dresses. "AWE! and i know harry loves you because he told me so and don't worry Harry told me something that I am not allowed to tell you but don't worry you will find out soon." Alex said. I was jumping up and down and before i knew it i was on top of Alex yelling at her to tell me. She got up and and sighed "well i guess...NO" She said and ran away into the dressing rooms with dresses. I opened the curtian Alex was in. "NO WAY" she screamed at me with a smile and closed the curtian. "Yes" I screamed opening it again. We kept opening and closing it until it broke. We looked at each other and slide under the wall and into the next empty dressing room. When we were done we went to the front and bought our dresses and decided to go have lunch.


We went out to lunch and as we were sitting down i got a call from my doctor. "Hello" i answered. "Alex, i need to tell you something but i think it would be a better idea if you came to my office." He said. "No it's OK you can tell me now i am fine." I said. "OK well, Alex i am just going to say it. You have cancer, when you came in because you felt sick a couple months ago before you left for the summer we did some tests and since Abby has breast cancer we traced it back to you and how you felt sick and we found out that you have cancer. I am so sorry." He said. My heart stopped i couldn't breath. I had cancer. "I have to go." I said into the phone. Before he could say anything i hung up. I looked up at Mia she looked worried. "Alex who was that..?" She said. Before i could answer her we got our food and i started eating. "Alex you know you are going to tell me later and i will find out." She said. God it was like she could read my mind. I smiled as i bit into my sand which and i tried so hard to fight back the tears. How would i tell everyone, how would i tell Zayn, what if i died, what if Zayn leaves me because he doesn't want to waste his time with a dyeing girl bad publicity. I could feel tears coming but i sucked it up i had stay strong i couldn't let Mia see me like this or know what was going on until i figured things out.

We got up and i decided i wanted to go home. We got into the car and headed home. I turned on the radio to try to block out my thoughts. But when we pulled up to the house and i noticed everyone was home. Everything came rushing back to me. I couldn't let anyone know. I didn't want to lose everyone again. Not this time.

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