If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


16. Pranks and new people

            ALEX'S POV:

       I walked into the boys flat hiding behind Zayn I didn't want the boys and my best friends to be mad at me for running away. I walked to the side of Zayn I saw the girls crying. Next thing I know I am in a huge group hug. "Alex we are so glad you are ok." Mia  told me while everyone was sitting down on the couch and doing there own thing. "I will bring your stuff upstairs to our room." Zayn said. I know that I was already living with him but it wasn't official! I was moving in with Zayn Malik! I hope the guys are ok with it and I forgot about the girls..what are we going to do! "heeeyyy guys since Alex is back lets all have a family dinner!"  Liam said Putting his hand around Kathleen's waist. "that's a great idea!" Zayn said walking down the stairs. "ok me and the girls will cook!" do whatever you guys want to do!" I said. "ALEX!?! U don't know how to cook!" Chloe said with as much sass as Louis has when he gets very passionate. "I am learning and in the mean time  ordering take out! From nandos!" I said with an evil grin on my face."YES NIALLS FAVORITE" Chloe said trying not to be too loud. We all laughed and started "cooking" 

            ZAYNS POV:

   Me and the boys all went upstairs to the game room. We all sat on the couch except for Harry laying on Louis shoulder. "guys I told Alex that she could stay with me" I said with a huge smile on my face. They all looked at me and smiled, "we all love Alex! Congrats man" harry said. "well enough about me and Alex what about you guys!" I said excitedly. "well Chloe is amazing we are dating and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me." Niall said. His face was getting red. I knew he loved her. "Kathleen is so great and beautiful, I mean I never belived you could have love at first sight until I saw her." Liam said smiling, I was glad to see him happy again. "Mia, I can't explain we just have so much spark between us I feel amazing when I'm with her I think I'm in love!" Harry said Obviously thinking about her. "Guys what about me." Louis said. "oh god here comes the sass master at his finest." Liam said with a straight face which made Niall laugh so hard and covered his face. "guys I'm serious I want to be happy like you guys and find the girl I love." Louis said. "you Will Louis don't worry." Liam said. "hey Alex said that her friend Julia might visit her but she doesn't know so maybe she could be the one for you Louis." I said.  "ok maybe let's see how this goes." Louis said. "ok great!." Niall said. "guys we haven't pulled a prank on the girls yet! So I have an idea..." Louis  said with an evil grin. So here is the plan. We all huddled up in a circle discussing our plan. Until Alex screamed that dinner was ready! We all ran down stairs and acted like we normally would.

           When we all finished dinner which was nandos  because none of the girls could cook we all laid down on the couch. And the girls started a movie which was mean girls of course. We all went up stairs and they didn't notice they were too into their movie. We walked down the stairs slowly. Niall and Harry were hiding by the kitchen Liam was hiding behind the bathroom door, Louis was up stairs in the hallway and I was sitting on one of the stairs. Ready for the signal which was banging on a wall. Then I heard the signal! I jumped in front of Alex and sprayed her with whip cream she ran towards Louis who was upstairs. I was running to get Alex again. I saw Liam get Kathleen with a water gun and she grabbed the sink hose and tried to spray him. Louis came around te corner ad Harry teamed up in Mia and Harry held her down while Louis was spraying silly string all over Mia and Harry was tickling her. Then I saw Niall with two water guns and sprayed Chloe who was on the ground laughing and then Niall joined her too because they couldn't stop laughing at everyone. I ran upstairs into my room and i shut and locked the door. I heard Alex hiding in the shower. I ran into the bathroom and sprayed her with whip cream all over her face and everywhere. She grabbed her make up bag and started drawing eye liner all over my face while she was siting on me. I picked her up and threw her on the bed and pinned her down and took the eye liner and wrote I love Zayn Malik on her forehead. She started screaming and laughing and soon I did too. Then it got quite I looked into her eyes and told her "I love you." she looked into my eyes and said "I love you too Zayn." then we kissed and I felt a spark again I am so happy I met her that day on the plane. I heard a crash and Alex jumped we both ran down stairs. Alex ran up to the door and Hugged someone behind the door when I looked to see who it was I saw a medium sized girl with short hair she was very pretty. Then i heard her name and it was Julia. I saw Louis his eyes were staring into hers.
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