If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


1. Plane disaster...

AHH! This summer is gonna be amaZAYN! I have my bestfriends with me and we are all going to my lake house for the summer how can this get any better!? Alex chill the fuck down we all know this summer is going to be great! And u don't have to say amaZAYN all the time we know u are obsessed with Zayn! Chloe said. "I know but I always say it I can't help! Mrs. Horan!" Chloe looked down and smiled to her self. I wish she said under breath.

This summer is going to be great I mean I have everything! Expect Zayn but it's ok because I know I won't ever get to know him I mean I'm just a small town girl with brown hair and blue eyes nothing speacil about me. I looked back behind me and of course the girls were all screaming live while we're young I mean it's out favorite song! I watched laughing as each of them sang there "husbands" solo of the song! Kathleen sang Liam's part with a lot of emotion..Chloe sang nialls part so loud I think Niall could hear her and Mia sang Harrys part which was interesting! Then it was zayns part I didn't Sing I just listened to him and I felt like he was singing to me and only me.

After time past fast we were finally at the airport! We all said goodbye to my mom and she huggedd me and told us to stay safe! As we walked into the airport I thought what of one direction was here flying back to London to go to there summer house?! There tour was over so it could happen! As I was getting side tracked from my thoughts the girls walked the other direction to the gate 2D. I was so caught up in my thoughts I walked into the gate 1D as only a few people were boarding. As I walked to my seat I thought to myself where are my girls?! Then I felt sick I realized that I walked on the wrong plane! STOP!! I screamed the flight attendant looked t me and come over to me. "what's wrong sweatie?" she said in a conserened voice. "I got onto the wrong plane and my friends are on the one to leland! Can I get off this plane! NOW!" the lady jut looked at me. Then she told me that the gate is closed and I cant get off the plane. Oh my god. What The hell am I supposed to do now I thought. My friends are probably worried about me! Maybe I should call Chloe and tell her what happened! I took out my phone and the lady yelled at me and told me that I can't have my phone out and I wouldn't har serivce anyway. I didnt know what to do I was on a small plane with practically no one on it! The only people I saw was a guy and a girl sitting infront of me, 3 boys sitting next to eachother and one boy walking my way. He looked familiar but I couldn't remeber how I knew him. He looked around my age 1

"Is any one sitting here love?" The strange guy said.
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