If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


33. Oh damn


I texted Alex and Zayn to come quickly. The boys were all at the club and Julia and Mia were with Chloe comforting her. Right before I was going to call Alex for the fifth time but then I saw Alex run through the door way. "KATHLEEN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Alex said running towards me. "its Chloe go talk to her!"  I said watching Zayn following Alex into Chloes room. 


I couldn't believe this was happening it couldn't be happening I was too young for all this and worst of all I didn't know what to do and what people would say. It all started this morning where again I threw up it has been happening for 2 weeks and I didn't know what was wrong. Kathleen finally convinced me to take a pregnancy test even though I knew I wasn't. After I took it and I waited I found out that I was pregnant. I was in shock I started crying how could I let this happen and the bigger question was how would I tell everyone. I needed Alex because i knew she would know what to do because of what happened to her before. Kathleen called and i just waited scared out of my mind.

When Alex walked into my room with Zayn my heart was beating faster and faster i was still nervous of what Alex would say. 


I walked into Chloe's room with Zayn trailing behind me. I was so worried. I saw Chloe in bed with Mia and Julia next to her. Her face was red and her eyes were watering i could tell that she had been crying. I ran next to her and tried to comfort her. "Chloe whats going on i'm so worried about you, i got a text from Kathleen telling me to hurry home whats going on?" I asked. I looked at Chloe and saw a tear stream down her face. I gave her a hug, i couldn't stand her being this sad i needed to do something to help her. "Chloe you know you can tell me anything and no matter what i will always be at your side supporting you." I said. "Alex, please don't tell anyone please don't." Chloe said looking at the bed. "Of course i wouldn't you can trust me." i said. "wait", i said. "Is it ok if Zayn is here?" i asked looking at Zayn. "I can go if you want me too, i understand. Dont worry." Zayn said. I looked at him, how did i get so lucky he was so understanding. "um..its ok..zayn can stay just, zayn promise me you wont tell anyone? please not until i can figure everything out ok?" Chloe said looking at Zayn. "Of course i wont tell anyone you know me and i think im with everyone when i say we will always be here for you." Zayn said walking towards the bed and sitting next to me. "Ok, thanks." Chloe said. she sighed. "Ok guys, today i found out t-t-hat i was..um..welll..im pregnant." Chloe said now bawling her eyes out. I wrapped her into a hug. "Chloe, listen to me, everything will be ok in the end and we will all love this baby more than anything in the whole entire world. I know you are scared, i mean i was too, but you were there when i needed you, you all were and we are all going to be here for you. right guys?" I said looking at everyone nodding there heads. "Chloe we love you and you will be ok i promise you." I said. looking at her and giving her a huge hug. "Thank you so much Alex, I love you guys so much. Thank you." Chloe said. We all gave Chloe a group hug. 


I was shocked my mouth fell open i couldn't believe that she was actually pregnant i mean out of everyone else here i thought it would be Mia or Alex no offense to them or anything. I just kept thinking of what would Niall have to say about this, how would he react. I mean we were going on our world tour i mean he couldn't leave Chloe here pregnant and Chloe would need him more than ever. I didn't know what to say. I was still shocked. "Chloe we will get through this together, everything will be ok i said, but i lied. I knew things would get harder and harder. I stopped thinking and went into the group hug with everyone else. 


I was so shocked i never thought that Chloe would be pregnant now i mean i was shocked. I knew what Chloe was going through i mean i went through the same thing and everyone told me that i couldn't do it but i did it but then things happened. But i know she is scared right now just like i was but when i saw my baby for the first time she was everything i ever wanted in life and more i just had so much love for her. I-. Suddenly i snapped out of it from Zayn putting his arm around me. "Chloe!, i forgot to ask." I said interrupting her and Julia's conversation. "Who's is it?" i said assuming it was Niallers. "Um..i don't know." Chloe said looking down at the floor. 


i didnt know who the father was and honestly i was more scared then i have ever been in my life. 


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