If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


5. My girls and my past

I woke up in zayns arms I still can't belive that Thai happened to me. I carefully slipped out of zayns arms and walked to my bag and pulled out my phone. When I tuned it on I saw that I had 3 missed calls from Mia, 2 missed calls from Chloe, and a missed call from Kathleen. I saw a text message from Kathleen saying " where the hell are you call one of is when you get this!"
I picked up my phone ad walked into the bathroom. I then called Chloe after 3 rings she picked up. "hey Chloe" omg Alex where are you? Are you ok? What happened?!" chloe asked me worried. I told her everything about what had happened and told her about Zayn.."omfg Alex stop! No way omg I can't belive this" i know! I said with a loud voice forgetting that Zayn was sleeping! "chloe I want u guys to come to there house with me!" Alex u have to ask! But yes that would be amazing! Chloe said. " I know I'm gonna ask them but layer because I just pt here and I don't know if they even want me to stay haha!" I said. " Alex u need to tell me about Zayn very detail!" Chloe said excitedly! I told her everything from the beginning. I told her that I like Zayn even more than before but I don't know if I'm just another fan to him, I feel a connection between us but i done know what he feels. But I know I should get my hopes up to high because he would neer like a girl like me there are so many other prettier girls than me for him to chose so its ok. After my long talk with Chloe we both hung up. I had a plan already to get Chloe and Niall together! As I walked out of the bathroom I saw Zayn asleep so I decided to go back to bed with him because is was only 7:30 am

I heard everything even the stuff I was probably not supposed to hear. I finally new how Alex felt and I felt tw same way. She is beautiful why would she ever say that and what did she mean by telling Chloe that she forgets about everything in her past when she is with me. I wounder what happened. I think I Will ask her later becaus now is not a good time. I also love the idea of her friends coming with us I would be more than happy to let tem stay! And even better is that Niall is looking for a girl and I heard Alex and her friend talkig about him. This is all going to be perfect.

By the time I woke up again Zayn was awake and was just looking at me smileing. "good morning love" he said. Morning! I said energetically. We walked down stairs into the kitchen to find of course Niall eating pancakes with Liam, Harry, an Louis. It was perfect I could ask them if my girls could come over. "Hey guys I need to talk to you about somethig." they all looked at me as soemthing was wrong. "so I was wondering if my friends could stay for a little while too because of what happened with the plane and stuff..? Liam ran up to me and said of course they can it's going to be so much fun! What do u say guys?" liam asked. Niall looked up from his pancakes and said they can cook me more food! We all laughed. Harry came up to me and said one of them better be hot or I'm gonna have to share I with Zayn! I laughed what did he mean about me and Zayn..? Whatever! Louis said it would be great and Zayn said yes Ofcourse! Everything was going to so well so far! I texted Chloe about everything and they said they would be coming in a week! I was so excited and told the boys that they were coming they all were happy!

I am so excited to meet Alexs friends I think Niall will have fun! I followed Alex into the tv room and sat next to her on the couch! " what's up Malik!?!" she said in a flirty tone! Nothing I was just wondering if u wanted to go with me tonight..? I asked. "of course I would! Is this a date?" maybe you will have to find out! I said. " haha ok! I can't wait!" she said happily! As I was walking away I heard Alex watching tv and then she ran up the stairs crying. I looked at the tv and saw something I didn't understand.
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