If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


18. long gone and late night

Alex's POV:

I woke up in Zayn's arms and quietly grabbed one of his shirts and put it on. I looked at the clock. Shit it was already 1pm, i walked down stairs and grabbed some breakfast/lunch. I walked into the kitchen and found a note "Hey bitchess! i hope you and Zayn had fun last night Alex;) anyway me and harry are at the beach with Niall and Chloe, Louis and Julia are out to lunch and sight seeing around London last time i saw Kathleen and Liam are in bed. We prob wont be back until tonight. Love ya xx-Mia, Chloe, Julia, and the boys." Oh god everyone thinks me and Zayn did it last night thanks Mia. I walked into the living room and turned on the T.V. "one direction: a year in the making." was on so i decided to watch that. "hey babe." Zayn said appearing next to me. "Hi, did you read the not they left for us?" i asked. "yeah." he said. "today me and Kathleen might go shopping for dresses, wanna come?" i asked. "i think i'm OK anyway me and Liam were going to go to the gym and stuff." zayn said. "OK why don't we all have dinner tonight together than." i told Zayn. "Yes, lets do that."

an hour later...

Me and Kathleen finally got in the car and were ready to go to the mall. I turned on the radio and we were on our way. "i'm so excited for tonight." Kathleen told me. She told me all about her and Liam and how everything was going. I was so happy for her i knew Liam really loved her and she loved him too. I think they are soul mates and were meant to be together. Just then really into my thoughts Live while were young came on the radio. Kathleen and i both screamed and i turned it up as loud as it could go. We were singing the words on the top of our lungs. I turned into the wrong place so i did a U turn and as i was turning around BAM. i could feel the car flipping over. I could hear the screams of kathleen and myself. I thought to myself is this how my life is going to end. It cant. The last think i heard were faint sirens coming from the oppiste direction i looked down and saw blood and then things slowly began to fade away.


Me and Liam were at the gym lifting weights and i glanced at the tv looking at the news when i saw there was a huge car accident. "there was too young girls in the car apperently there names were Alex and Kathleen but we have no other details but we will update you soon, here is tom with the weather." I looked at Liam his eyes were watering. "We need to get to them now." We both ran into my car and drove to the hospital. I ran to the front desk with Liam following behind. "ALEX AND KATHLEEN!" WHERE ARE THEY?" I started yelling and i felt tears running down my face. "Sir im going to ask you to calm down." The lady said. "I'm sorry my girlfriend was int he car accident and i just found out where is she?" i asked lowering my voice. "Room 202." the lady said nicely. I followed Liam after he ran down the hall way and turned into room 201. I follow him into the room and see him crying by Kathleen's side holding her lifeless hand. She was bleeding on her head and on her arms. "Kathleem please dont leave me, i love you with all my heart, please kathleen, please." Liam said to Kathleen holding her hand and sobbing. I walked into the other room that was connected to Kathleen's. I imdently saw Alex laying on the bed with iv's and everything. She had scraps on her head and neck. she was all bloody. I walked over to her i looked at her lifeless body and cried. "Alex i love you, i have never loved a girl as much as i love you. Please dont leave me i promise i will always love you forever and always." I said crying into her bed with my hand in hers. I can't lose her. My life will be gone. I just sat there sobbing holding her hand praying that Kathleen and Alex would soon wake up.

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