If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


4. London.....

Harry walked over and told me that we were back home! Finally I get a break from everything and eveyone. I'm glad I can spend time with Alex and who knows what will happened today. I looked next to me at Alex she looked so cute when she was asleep I didn't want to wake her up but I had to. When I did he looked up and didn't say anything I could tell she has had a long day. I told her we were in London and that she would be saying with us since she had no where else to say. She told me it was ok but I knew she needed somewhere to stay and I wanted it to be with me. As we were getting of the plane I noticed it was 9 pm and we were all starving! When we all jumped into the car Niall yelled at eveyone that we were all going to Nandos beacuse we were all starving and we all agreed and this would be a good chance for the boys to meet Alex.
*skip car ride* we all ordered and sat down.

Me and the boys were all sitting at Nandos together waiting for our orders to come when they all started asking me questions! I was so overwhelmed and tired but I answered all there questions and got to know each and eveyone one of them they were relly nice and were just normal people like us. When our food came we all ate fast. But we had to wait because Niall had ordered more food for himself. When we finally got into the car I Was so tired I almost feel asleep on Zayn when we got to the boys house. It was huge and beautiful. I walked in carrying my bags and set them down by the big couch in the living room. I walked around for a minute when Zayn came behind me and told me that I would b sleeping with him tonight but not like have sex or anything. I laughed and followed him while he carried my bags to his room. He was so nice how did I get this lucky. I put my stuff next to his bed when I heard Louis yelling that we were all going to watch a movie together.

As me and Alex we walking down the stairs I grabbed her hand and she smiled it felt so good to be with her. I watched Alex jump onto the couch tackling Harry and yelling watch out. I just laughed. We all deicided on movie which of course was scary. During the movie Alex was so scared that she ended up in my lap and me holding her. When the movie was over me and Alex went to bed. I walked into my room and saw Alex sleeping on the floor with a blanket. I told her that she would not sleep on the ground. "Im not gonna let you sleep on the ground it's your room" she told me. " fine then we can both sleep in my bed." she looked at me like she thought I was going to sp something as said "you better not do anything and I'm serious" she said with a smile on her face trying not to laugh.

As me and Zayn got into his bed I told him not to do anything and he said he wouldnt and I trusted him. I was almost asleep when I felt a hand around me I looked over and saw Zayn close to me cuddling with me. I just smiled. I never thought this would happen to me I just can't belive this.
"I'm so happy that I met you today Alex." Zayn whispered to me. I turned around and kissed his cheek and fell asleep in his arms.
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