If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


15. It's about time you came home

             HARRY'S POV: 
       Me and Mia were on our way home from the restaurant when I got a call from Zayn. He told me that Alex had gone missing but not to worry because he would find her, but don't tell Mia because I don't want her to be worried about Alex. When he hung up Mia looked at me with her beautiful eyes I went in to kiss her but she pulled away. "Harry styles you better tell me whats going on, I'm not stupid." ugh she was so smart and I love tht about her. But I can't lie to her I love her. "ok Mia dot freak out but Alex has gone missing.." then she just froze and started crying. I pulled into a near by gas station and instantly hugged her. "Mia everything is going to be ok we will find her she is ok she ran away." I told Mia hoping she would calm down. "I know but you don't know about..." she just started crying again into my shirt. "Mia what I don't know what" I said. "Louis texted me that Zayn had kissed perrie and alex walked in and saw everything and Zayn disnt kiss her se kissed him and Alex can't be too sad because last time she almost died..." Mia started bawling her eyes out. I felt so bad and I hugged her. I was worried about Alex too she is like my sister and the love of my life's best friend if she ever did something to herself I would be so depressed but I have to stay strong for Mia, I just hope Zayn's not to late. Then i turn on the radio and everything was silent all the way home.

             JULIA'S POV:
   I just turned on my phone and got a call from Alex I wonder what was going on and where is she! Last time I heard from her she was going to Leland I couldn't go because I was at work. I missed her so much I can't wait till she gets back. I called her again no answer she is probably swimming, oh well. I put my phone down locking the screen and seeing Louis I wish I was lucky enough to just meet him and see him..god he is amazing.


              MIAS POV: 

    We got back to the boys flat and I was dead tired I wanted to go to bed me and Harry have had the best two days together just us I feel so close to him I hope he will ask me out. But he probably wont but it's still fun to dream. I walked in the house and I saw Chloe and Niall asleep in the couch and there was no sign of Kathleen or the rest of the boys so me and Harry decided to go to sleep. I climbed into bed with him and fell asleep for a couple of hours until I heard the door slam open and I heard a bunch of voices I knew zayn and Alex werent home..it was 2am I was so worried I walked down stairs and saw Kathleen crying and the boys crying too Chloe and Niall were now up. Chloe face was hidden in naills chest. I walked down stairs and when everyone saw me they hugged me and said "nice for you to join the party!" "haha sorry me and Harry...uh.." I said blushing we know save your breath louis said sassy. We all laughed even Kathleen and Chloe who were crying. Just then Harry walked down the stairs and Louis says "Harry what did you do to Mia..." everyone started laughing and Harry was blushing. "hey sorry to make everyone sad again but why we're you crying.." I said looking at the ground. "we can't find Alex or zayn, they aren't answering their phone and it's not like Alex she always has her phone always." I felt tears coming. I didn't care if everyone saw me cry my best friend was gone and we couldn't find her. Then Zayn walked in.

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