If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


22. good&bad


I walked out of Alex’s room depressed and needing to talk to someone so u tried to find Liam. I looked everywhere in the room I didn’t see him I was about to leave Kathleen’s and Alex’s room to try to find Liam until I heard Alex’s voice say my name. I thought it was just in my head but then I heard it again. Could she have been alive? I ran back into Alex’s room to see her pale weak face say my name. “Alex! Your alive. I missed you so much.” I said running towards her carefully wrapping her up in a warm hug. “Zayn, I missed you so much.” Alex said crying. I wiped away her tears and kissed her lips. It felt so good to kiss her again and be with her. “Alex, I never left you and I will never leave you, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” I said looking into her beautiful icy blue eyes. “Zayn I would never leave you, and thank you I love you so much.” She said smiling hugging me. “I love you too.” I said kissing her. We kissed for a little while and I told her that nothing has changed except everyone is worried sick about you. “Zayn what about Kathleen?” She said. “She hasn’t woken up yet I’m so sorry but she will be ok I promise.” I said holding her hand. “Zayn, its my fault we are here and she isn’t ok. If she doesn’t wake up I will never be able to forgive myself.” She said with tears streaming down her face. “Don’t blame yourself it was the other drivers fault and I promise she will be ok.” I said. “I love you.” She said. “I love you too.” I said kissing her forehead. "I'm going to get everyone stay here and rest babe.

I ran into the cafeteria where of course everyone was, "GUYS ALEX WOKE UP!" i screamed on the top of my lungs with a huge smile on my face. Everyone ran upstairs to see Alex i walked up stairs and was so happy that i had her in my life again.

Alex's POV:

I was happy i woke up but i couldn't help thinking that this was all my fault and i should be the one that should be still in a coma and barely be living instead of Kathleen. This wasn't her fault it was mine i should've payed more attention on the road. If she dies i will never be able to forgive myself and she just meet the guy of her dreams and now its all falling apart because of me. I need to get out of bed and do something. I ripped the IVs out of my hand and put my feet on the cold ground. I tried to get up but i fell onto the ground, but that wouldn't stop me. I crawled on the floor to Kathleen's bed. I put my hang on the chair and slowly lifted myself up to my feet. It hurt to stand up but i needed to see Kathleen. I put my hand on the railing of her bed so i wouldn't fall down again. I just looked at her and tears rolled down my face. I was the one who caused this and she doesn't deserve this i do. I would do anything for her to wake up from her coma and i would give anything. She is my best friend and i can't just sit here and watch her slowly die. I couldn't help it anymore i started balling and praying that Kathleen would get better soon. I heard a knock on the door i wiped my tears away and tried to stay strong.

Chloe's POV:

I walked into Kathleen's and Alex's room to find Alex struggling to stand up and looking at Kathleen. I ran towards her and hugged her behind her back. "Alex! i'm so happy you are alive, i love you so much i thought i was going to lose my best friend." i said crying tears of joy. "Chloe i love you too! and you cant get rid of me that easily!" Alex said laughing with a fake smile, i knew Alex so well that i could tell when she wasn't ok but i played along because i knew she didn't want anyone to know what was going on with her. Mia and Julia ran up to her and hugged her and so did the boys. "Alex thank god you are ok we all love you so much the world would never be the same without you." Harry said hugging Alex. "Thanks guys i am so glad i am back." Alex said still by kathleen's bed holding on to the railing. Then Zayn walked in. "ALEX WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT OF BED AND WALKING?!" zayn said walking towards Alex. "Well i am better now." Alex said to Zayn sassy. Louis whispered into my ear, "She got that sass from the sass master himself." i started laughing. "Oh really, let me see you walk." Zayn said sassing Alex back too. Louis whispered into my ear again "I taught him too, just saying." i just turned my head away and started laughing again. "Fine i will." Alex said taking one step away from Kathleen's bed. Then right away she fell down. Zayn tried to help her. "No i can do it myself." Alex said. "no you can't." Zayn said picking up Alex and taking her into the other room.  Zayn shut the door and i heard yelling. oh god i thought.

I looked back and saw Mia and Harry making out like they always do they can never get enough of each other and i guess that's why they love each other so much. I saw Julia sitting on Louis lap and laughing at his jokes. I knew they had something special together. I looked behind me and saw Niall he smiled and i smiled back at him. Then i got a sick feeling in my stomach and i walked out of the room, telling Niall i was going to the bathroom. I felt so guilty because of what me and Liam did what was i thinking i love him like a brother not like how Kathleen loves him. Whats even worse is that i have the most amazing boyfriend and i thought he would cheat on me but i cheated on him and i am going to lose him and i am going to lose my best friend when she finds out that i banged Liam and she is in a fucking coma. I'm such a bitch i need to talk to someone. I can't talk to Liam right now i just can't look at him right now knowing what we both did.

I walked into Alex's room and saw Zayn and her making out. I knocked on the door. "oh sorry Chloe i didn't see you there." Zayn said blushing. "Its fine can  just talk to Alex for a minute?" i asked nervously. "Of course." Zayn said kissing Alex's for head and walking out of the room. Why couldn't have i just stayed in the room with Kathleen and not have been with Liam. "Chloe!" Alex said smiling. I walked over feeling butterfly's in my stomach thinking about how she would take the news and if she could keep my secret. "Alex's i need to talk to you about something important." i said sitting down next to her on her bed. "Yeah of course i am always here for you and you know that." Alex said. i smiled. "promise you won't tell anyone, alex please you can't." i said looking her straight in her eyes. "Of course chloe you know me." she said. "Ok well me and Liam were both so sad about you guys and we didn't know if we would ever see you guys again and Liam was lonley and me and Niall's relashionship isn't that strong you know?" i said looking at her. "CHLOE YOU DID NOT." she said. "Let me finish." I said. she nodded. "OK so he kissed me and i kissed back and i know it was wrong but i couldn't stop myself and then things started happening and then well..we had sex." I said in tears. "i feel so bad i wish this never happened." i said. Alex was speechlees. " Dont tell Kathleen or anyone you promised." i said harshly. "I know i wont just chloe, oh my god chloe, just.." she said. "I know alex im in some deep shit." "Yes you are chloe yes you are." Alex said sighing. "you had sex with Kathleen's boyfriend." she said.

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