If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


28. finally running in the same direction

Nialls POV:

 I was walking in town i stayed at a hotel and thank god no one recognized me. I needed some time to think i mean i had to get away from everything and everyone i just needed to take some time alone. As i was alone i realized that i needed my family which was the boys and the girls they would always get me through everything and that's what i needed. But one of the most important thing i figured out was what i was going to do with Chloe and I's relationship. I love her but she cheated on me, but i feel like i cant live without her, but will she be just another gir-

The next thing i knew i was on the ground. I knocked into a girl wearing a grey sweatshirt she looked familiar but i couldn't see her closely and she was walking with a guy i have never seen before. "I am so sorry love." i said looking up. "ALEX! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE WITH THIS GUY?!" I said a little too loud. "NIALL?! OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Alex said raping her arms around me. To be honest it felt good to see one of my close friend's again. "I have been around." I said looking at the ground. "Oh, well this is my..um.friend..um..Jason." She said looking at me. "We hit turbulenc-. Hello?" Jason said talking loudly into his phone while walking away. With that he left me and Alex alone. "Alex why are you with this strange guy?! Why arn't you with everyone else?" I asked Alex.

She told me everything that happened with the girls and she told me she thinks Zayn doesn't really like her. I felt so bad but i am glad i ran into her because who knows what she could do next she is full of surprises. "Niall lets go, i wanna go home to our family." Alex says. "What about Jason?" i asked. "I will text him telling him i left and stuff i mean its fine." she said. She looked so tired.

Alex's POV:

I told Niall everything and by the time i was done we pulled up to the hospital. Niall parked the car and we both walked in i was nervous to see everyone because i didn't know what they would do. I walked down the hall and turned into Kathleen's room to see everyone talking to Kathleen.

"Hi" i said leaning against the door. My face felt hot and all i wanted to do was to leave and run away but i knew that wouldn't help anything. Zayn was the first one to turn around. He came up to me and hugged me. I missed those strong arms around me so much. "Alex you're ok! I didn't know what happened to you. Please don't ever do that again please." Zayn said looking at me. I looked into his mysterious brown eyes and agreed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I felt a little bit better until i saw the other boys and my so called "friends". I walked towards them. I could feel my stomach in knots i hated when people were mad at me but nobody knew that. "Alex.."Chloe said. "I am so sorry for what i said and everything you know i didn't mean it and if that happened i would-" Chloe said before i cut her off. "Chloe stop. It's ok I forgive you and i am sorry for everything i did too i wouldn't know what to do if we wern't friends anymore." I said with a smile. She gave me a hug. I missed having her around. "Kathleen, i am sorry for everything i did too. Can you forgive me?" I said looking at Kathleen. "Of course, i'm sorry too. I love you girl." Kathleen said with a smile growing on her face. "I love you too girly." I said giving her a gently hug. "Me and Chloe made up its all good because in the end its chicks before dicks!" Kathleen said. We all burst out laughing. Mia and Julia came behind me and we all group hugged. I missed them so much i don't know what i would do without my best friends. No matter what happens i know we will always be there for each other in the end. 

"Niall!" Chloe screamed. We all looked towards the door and saw Niall. I smiled i knew he would make everything better. "Hey guys." He said. "Can i talk to Liam, Kathleen, and Chloe in private for a minute?" Niall said. "Of course we will be in the food court if you need anything" I said walking out with Zayn, Mia, Julia, Harry, and Louis. I had so much catching up to do with them.

Kathleen's POV:

When everyone left i was with Chloe, Niall, and Liam. I already knew what this was going to be about. "Guy's we need to talk about this, I mean we can't just ignore this." Niall said going towards Chloe. "I agree." Liam said. "Kathleen and Niall, I am so sorry i don't love Chloe i just needed someone i was so sad and I promise you Niall and Kathleen this will never happen again i promise. I can't do this anymore not having the love of my life with me and my best friend. I miss you guys so much and if i lose you i will never be the same again my life will be flipped upside down, please i am so sorry please forgive me?" Liam said. I saw tears forming in his eyes and one by one they were falling down his checks. "Liam, You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you are everything i have always wanted. But i have learned something from this relationships aren't easy and life is unpredictable and i don't want to lose you either so i have decided to give you a chance but promise me this will never happen again?" I said. "Kathleen, I love you so much, and i promise you nothing like this will ever happen again, you are my love, my life, and my everything." Liam said. He came up to me and gave me a kiss. I felt sparks all over my body i missed this i missed him i knew we had a long way to go to be back to where we were but i was happy that i gave him another chance. I looked at Chloe she smiled weakly now she had to talk to Niall and i hope Niall would forgive her and Liam because if he doesn't then i don't know what will happen.

Niall's POV:

"Niall now it is my turn to explain." Chloe said. I felt tense i didn't know if i could forgive her. "Niall I am so sorry you don't understand how sorry i am. I feel like i ruriend everything between us and i did. It ment NOTHING, I was sad too but that doesn't mean i have the right to fuck your best friend and my best friend's boyfriend. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and i understamd if you never wanna talk to me again or see me but i want you to know you are my everything and the only guy for me you are my one and only. I don't know what to do without you in my life. Niall i Love you more than anything in the whole entire world. When ever i see you i get butterflies and i feel like i am walking on clouds when i am with you. Please give me a chance i promise nothing like this will ever happen again please." Chloe said. She was in tears. Her make up was smearing but she still looked geourgous. I needed her in my life i couldn't leave the girl that i knew i wanted to be with forever alone. She was mine and we would be ok. "Chloe." I said whiping away her tears. "I forgive you and i love you we will be ok, just never do that again." I said looking at her. She was beautiful. "I promise Niall, thank you so much." She said. She spun around and gave me a kiss. I missed her soft lips and i missed everything about her. It felt so good to be back with her. "I love you." I said. "I love you too." She said i smiled. But there was one last thing i needed to do.

Liam's POV:

"Niall, look i am so sorry you are my best friend and i-" Liam said before i cut him off. "Look Liam you are my best friend and i am not going to lose you, I love you man. I forgive you." Niall said to me. I hugged him and told him i loved him too. He smiled and said i guess we are ok now? Everyone agreed. Then everyone else walked through the door. "GUYS WE ARE OK NOW!" i said. Everyone smiled and hugged. I was so happy things were finally the way they should be.

Even though we fight sometimes and things happen these people are my family and at the end of the day i would do anything for anyone of them and i am always there for them like they are always there for me. I love them and i know that in the end we will always be together no matter what. We will always be a family no matter where life takes us. "i love you guys." I said and everyone raped me up into a hug. Finally things were ok.



Sorry i haven't updated in a while. I have a lot going on and stuff and i would like to say sorry for the people that i have been a bitch too. I don't know what i would do without you guys seriously you guys are my family. I love you guys so much. And i am so sorry. And i am sorry i haven't been myself lately and i never meant to hurt you guys please forgive me. You guys know who you are.

Thanks for reading there will be more later but any ideas? if you have any ideas please comment them thanks! XX




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