If I didn't have you

A girl named Alex and her friends Kathleen, Chloe, and Mia are all spending the summer at Alexs summer house in Leland. When they are on there way Alex gets into to wrong plane and things don't end up like they should..


32. Almost perfect

I woke up to hear singing from the shower. It was Alex her voice was horrible and she knew that but she sang anyway and I loved it. I was only in my boxers and walked into the bathroom to find Alex. I took of my boxers and joined her and you know what happens next...

After me and Zayn's shower we just laid in bed for a while. I thought about how we haven't had a whole day to ourselves for a long time with everything that has gone on.  "Alex wanna do something just us today?" Zayn said. He read my mind I loved this about him we always knew what each other were thinking. "of course I was just thinking that!" I said with a smile pecking him on the lips. We both got up and started getting ready. I went to the bathroom and used a little make up just bronzer and mascara. I put on black leggings with a blue jean shirt my long hair was up in a bun and i was ready to go. 

It was 11:00 and we were going out to brunch and doing things just us today. I was excited to spend alien time with my girl. Alex walked down the stairs she looked amazingly beautiful I catched my breath when she walked down the stairs. I took her hand and kissed her on the check.  "you ready?" I asked. "yep!" she said excitedly.   I left a note on the door for the boys and the girls so yet would know where we were.

We pulled up to a little cafe it was so cute! I jumped out of the car with my hand in Zayn's. We sat down and ordered. "so I heard you were going to go on tour with the boys soon. Are you excited?" I asked. "yeah I am but I just don't want to be away for a long time because I will miss you too much." Zayn said grabbing my hand. "awe Zayn I'm going to miss you too but don't worry I will always be here to support you" I said looking at him. "Alex, I want you to know that when I go on tour for a while I will call you every night and we will video chat and we will make everything work out I promise you." Zayn said playing with my fingers. "Thank you, I love you so much." I said " I love you too Alex." he said looking me in the eyes. I knew he meant it. I loved this boy. 

After we ate brunch we ended up going shopping. We went to the mall and went into random stores.  When we ended up in forever 21 I lost Zayn. It was huge! I was looking around for him when suddenly i got pushed a little by a strange person in a huge fur coat and sunglasses. "oh I am so sorry!" I said  turning around to find the person to be Zayn! "It's ok." he said trying to talk differently. "you remind me of someone.." I said messing with him. "do you know where I could find a tall man with black hair and tattoos?" I asked smiling. "right here mam!" Zayn said throwing the coat over me and throwing off the sunglasses. I giggled. "Zayn I knew it was you all along!" I said. " no you didn't!" he said. "yes!" I said screaming! I touched his arm and screamed "tag your it!" then I started running out of the store. I turned around and saw Zayn ganning up on me! I ran faster and faster until I felt strong arms rap around me. I screamed and started laughing. Zayn picked me up and spun me around. when he finally put me on the ground he came close to me and said "I caught you!" He kissed me on the lips until I pulled away. He looked at me "later" I said with a smile. 

We stayed at the mall for a while and had lunch and just goofed around. We went into stores and pretended to be Mannequins and just played hid en go seek. When we finished up at the mall Zayn decided to take me to the studio. 

We walked into the studio I told her to sit where outside the booth. I wanted her to her a song I wrote about her. I was just about to start until I got a text from Kathleen, "you and alex need to get here now it's an emergency" I looked up at Alex and I saw she was on her phone reading the same text. I walked out and grabbed Alex's waist and we hurried out of the studio hand in hand.

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