Jessica, or should i say JESS is the new girl! When a fairy godmother turns her to Jess, her life is better than ever! This is a funny book that will have you readding, like its adictive!


1. How I began

The village in the west, a family of three lived there. I was one of them, being poor and living in compounds was nothing to talk about. No one had brick houses, just compounds. But all that was about to change. A pinky sparkle rose up and into our living room like fall leaves coming to pass by and smell momma's great dinkleberry pie. It landed right on a couch and POOF! It changed into a simalar version of lady gaga. There, was a lady with white bobbed hair. She had silver and pink everything! Her lips were silver, she had a dress with silver polka dots. Her shoes i could tell were metal high heels." Whoa"She said" Sorry. I am the great Pink fairy. Oh blah blah blah.Im just here to do my job. So, her gift will be the gift of magic! She will have to ability to be popular. TEE TEE DA!" She fluttered away, and i think she was singing poker face. I also had the give of being smart. Thats when we moved, and started here in Chasewille elementry. Thats, my friend, how i got started.

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