Ell is an 18 year old girl with no friends. She hasno friends because she intimidats everyone at school. She doesn't try to, it just happens. She has 3 dogs who act as guard dogs. One is a smallish Border Collie, a Big German Sheperd and the last a big black Labradour. She loves them, and they are her best friends. One day her mom finds out she has no friends and bans her from walking the dogs, which is her absolute favourite thing to do. The only way to get the priveleg back is to find a friend. When tradedy strikes, can she find a way out of it?


1. Lucky

I slipped my shoes on as I walked out the door. I zipped up my sweater and locked the door and rushed down the porch steps. The dogs followed. One was a big black Labradour named Coal. The other was a big German Sheperd named Admiral. My guard dogs. My best friends. I jogged down the steet and they followed. I jogged all the way down to the pet shop and walked into the cozy building. I stepped to the back of the room and peered into the glass cages. All the dogs in there were tiny puppies. I looked around and saw a cage on the ground. I wlked over to it and saw a biggish Border Collie sitting in it. I lifted the 50 pound cage effortlessly and put in on the counter. "This one please. I said to the cashier. She looked at the dog who I knew as a girl by the note on her cage. She typed something on the register and printed a reciept. She gave it to me and I swiped my credit card. I punched the numbers in and put my card away. "To warn you this dog is tough. You could say like a guard dog junior." She said. I nodded and she walked to the back. She picked up a carrier that was a light shade of reed. She put it and the cage with the dog in it on the ground. She quickly transfered the dog into the carrier and closed it. She handed it to we and I took it and left.I jogged home, barely slowed by the carrier. When I got home I went inside and closed the door behind me. I put the carrier in the middle of the living room and called "Mom! I'm home!" She came down quickly an sat beside it. I sat infront and I cautiously opened the carrier. The dog walked out and looked up at me. She brked softly and I petted her head. "Lucky. Your name is Lucky." I said softly to her.

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