Crack Of Doom

Lily is a young adult getting ready to marry the one of her dreams, or at least she thinks she does. Surprises come on her way as the same CRACK that ruined her life before, ruins it again...


1. The Crack



CRACK! The fortune cookie broke into half. My hands trembling, pulled the two sides apart. I was reluctant to do so but Chris didn’t take no for an answer. It was our engagement eve dinner and we vowed to eat all the food to our heart’s content. It would have been acceptable, exciting and meaningless to crack this fortune and reveal it to him, if it wasn’t for my previous encounters…

Ever since I was a little girl, I had bad luck with fortune cookies. Whenever we had Chinese takeaways, I was bound to receive misfortune. To make matters worse, they always happened. The older I got, the worse they were. I blame having no votes for Prom Queen and Class President on ‘You will be hated by your acquaintances’. However, one of the fortunes destined me to lose my life, the source of my happiness, my path of righteousness. `You will lose the ones you love the most and suffer eternally’ was the sentence that changed my destiny.

‘Lils, LILY!’

A distant voice shook me out of my deep thoughts. The fortune lay in between my fingers, inevitably I stared at the cursed piece of paper. The paper dropped to the floor. I sat there  paralysed.



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