Love and Loss -Larry Stylinson-

Okay this is my first fan fic so no hate holla ☺


Bullied since year one, Harry Styles has had a rough life. Dealing with a not so great home life and the horrid people he had to deal with at school. Ever since he was little he was always the shy quiet kid who sits in the back of the class. Never hurt anyone but sadly everyone hurt him. But what happens with a new school in a new town? Will history repeat its self for poor Harry?

Louis Tomlinson is muisunderstood by almost everyone he meets. Its all about judging how people look now isnt it? Louis is covered in tattos with a few piercings here and there, and the only friends he really has is his equally tottooed best friends Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Louis is inside tall walls and refuses to let anyone knock them down.

Lets face it, everyone has secrets and maybe it should stay that way. A secret. Or maybe if you let the world know, those secrets have the power to change your life into something you had


2. ♥Chapter two♥

Harrys POV


The day went by quite quick to be honest, classes were boring but easy and like usual no one payed any attention to me; I'm quiet used to it so I just went on with my day. It was now 2:30 and time for last class. I pulled out my binder and fished out my times table "Room 221 Music" finally something to look forward to. I rush myself to the class so I wouldn't be late and took a seat at the back of the class. The bell rings and students start to flood the class taking seats and goofing off. Paying little attention to it all I start to wright in my notebook. The teacher starts mumbling about how we have to pick an instrument for the school band and what-not when the door opens and the princeable walks in.

"Hello class. Mr. Barta, I have come to tell you that have a new student joining your class! He should be here any second now." As soon as she finishes speaking a woman walks in with who I am guessing is her son, as soon as he walked in I felt very intimidated. He was covered in tattoos his hair was a mixture or black and red and he had a few piercings as well. "Class this is Louis he just switched schools this year, and I hope you all welcome him with open arms." She carefully patted his back and walked out of the room with his mother. "Okay Louis why don't you take a seat back there beside Harvey" Mr. Barta spoke and the a few students laughed and my cheeks flushed "um... i-it's Harry sir..." I spoke quietly "Oh. excuse me. Anyways, Louis? Your seat?" The Louis lad nodded and made his way towards me and I kept my head down as he did. 

As normal, class continued like the others, but before it was time to go Mr. Barta stopped us "Oh class! I had almost forgot. For your first assignment I am putting you in partners to do a duet. It can be instrumental or vocals whatever you like and it must be done by the end of the month. Bonus for any thing original! Come see me before you leave!" The bell went and everyone started to file out of the class, I reached Mr. Bartas desk and looked at the sheet "Um Sir my name isn't on here..." I softly spoke "Ah yes, Harry I did have you with Jenna and Alexi because of he uneven numbers but now that we have Louis that problem is solved! You and Louis shall be partners." He nodded at me and left the room.

Of course I was put with him! He's going to hate me, and obviously beat the living shit out of me! I sigh turn around to get my books off my desk to see Louis looking at my notebook with a look of confusion on his face; I gasped and ran over and pulled the book away from him and placed it on the desk behind me. "What was that?" he said with his brow furrowed "N-nothing it was nothing." I stuttered, he looked at me for a few seconds and then turned away to pick up his books. I gathered up the rest of my things and started quickly for the door "So we are partners?" He asked suddenly and I stopped  "What?" I said turning around and he smiled  "I overheard the conversation. I hope you can sing." And with that he walked by me and out the door. Goodness he scares me. I remembered my notebook on the table and turned around to grab it gasping in horror as it wasn't there. "Louis" I mumbled and ran out the door after him hopinh to catch him before he was gone, but me being me I had no such luck. He was gone. Along with all my secrets.



♥Aloha sorry for a bad chapter but I feel like I owe it to you Its short but whatever hope you like it ♥


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