Love and Loss -Larry Stylinson-

Okay this is my first fan fic so no hate holla ☺


Bullied since year one, Harry Styles has had a rough life. Dealing with a not so great home life and the horrid people he had to deal with at school. Ever since he was little he was always the shy quiet kid who sits in the back of the class. Never hurt anyone but sadly everyone hurt him. But what happens with a new school in a new town? Will history repeat its self for poor Harry?

Louis Tomlinson is muisunderstood by almost everyone he meets. Its all about judging how people look now isnt it? Louis is covered in tattos with a few piercings here and there, and the only friends he really has is his equally tottooed best friends Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Louis is inside tall walls and refuses to let anyone knock them down.

Lets face it, everyone has secrets and maybe it should stay that way. A secret. Or maybe if you let the world know, those secrets have the power to change your life into something you had


3. ♥Chapter three♥

Harrys POV

My mind is running as I walk out of the school, if he reads anything in that book I'm screwed. I step out of the school and start walking towards my car when I notice 3 lads spray painting the side of the school, a stop to get a better look when one of lads looks a me dead in the eyes "Hey! get him he seen us!" The rest of them turn in my direction and run for me, I pick up my feet and try to run away but I get pulled back by my hood "Look here you little prick you ain't going to say nothing about what you saw you hear me?" I don't answer and keep my head down "Answer me!" He takes a blow to my cheek and pushed me to the ground "I said answer me!" He kicks me several times in the stomach and my vision becomes blurry.

"Hey!" someone screams "Leave him alone!" They three of them take off and a figure runs up towards me "Hey are you okay mate?" I look up at him "Y-yeah t-thanks..." I try to push myself up off the ground but failing obviously "Here let me help, I'm Liam by the way." I smile a bit at his friendly gesture  "I'm Harry." when I get to my feet I thank him and start to walk away "Hey Harry!" I turn around and Liam comes jogging over "Here is my number. We should chill sometime." He says with a warm smile "Thank you, Liam." He nods and heads off as I slide into my car.

I look at the time 3:27, crap! I get home as quickly as possible and slide in the back door, I went quietly out the kitchen making my way up stairs hoping not to run into my mother I turn my head to look behind be when I run into someone, I freeze and turn my head slowly facing the person I wanted to see the least. My mother. "Harold may I ask why you were sneaking around?" I look down "I wasn't sneaking mum." she scoffs "You little liar! Don't you disobey me child!" She raises her hand and soon a stinging feeling makes it's way onto my cheek "Go to your room. Now!" My mother pushes me back and I nod walking into my room, tears brimming my eyes.

I walk over to my desk and sit down. Why am I such a failure? My own mother hates me, do you know what that feels like? I sigh and pull up my sleeve, all of these scars mean something to me, they are all a part of my past. I pull the razor out from my desk and place the thin metal on my arm "One for being a failure." I wince at the pain then place the razor under the fresh cut "One for being worthless." I suck in a sharp breath and place in on my arm once again "And one for being different. "


Louis' POV 

I start my walk home thinking about my day. The school is pretty much the same. The jocks, the bimbos, the geeks and the bullies. Everyone looks at me like I'm an animal, I know its because of my outer self but I mean I'm not going to attack you or anything. I trip over my shoelace and drop my books, I sigh and kneel down and pick them up when I notice something, Harrys book? I pick it up and open to the first page

"now you were standing there right in front of me

I hold on it's getting harder to breath 

All of a sudden these lights are blinding me

I never noticed how bright they would really be"

Lyrics? I read the rest of the song and then flip to the next page to find more songs. Did he wright these? I tuck the book into my bag and run home. I get to the house gates and buzz in "Hello?" The man on the other end speaks "It Louis..." the gates open and I pull my skateboard out of the bushes and ride to the front of the house. Yes my parents have a lot of money so what? I walk in the house and kick off my vans "Hello sweetie." My mum kisses my cheek "how was school?" I think of Harry and smile "It was good..." she nods and walks into the kitchen. "Mum I'm using the music room!" I walk into the music room and sit down at the piano and read over "Don't Let Me Go" Its great lyrics now all it needs is music to go along.


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