Love and Loss -Larry Stylinson-

Okay this is my first fan fic so no hate holla ☺


Bullied since year one, Harry Styles has had a rough life. Dealing with a not so great home life and the horrid people he had to deal with at school. Ever since he was little he was always the shy quiet kid who sits in the back of the class. Never hurt anyone but sadly everyone hurt him. But what happens with a new school in a new town? Will history repeat its self for poor Harry?

Louis Tomlinson is muisunderstood by almost everyone he meets. Its all about judging how people look now isnt it? Louis is covered in tattos with a few piercings here and there, and the only friends he really has is his equally tottooed best friends Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Louis is inside tall walls and refuses to let anyone knock them down.

Lets face it, everyone has secrets and maybe it should stay that way. A secret. Or maybe if you let the world know, those secrets have the power to change your life into something you had


1. ♥ Chapter One ♥

Harrys POV


I groan as I hear my mothers voice calling me from downstairs. As I slip out of my bed I take my time getting dressed, knowing today is the day I start at my new school and hoping to stall as long as possible. 


I hear her call again.

"I'm awake!" I yell back knowing if I kept her waiting this morning wouldn't end so well. As I finished getting dressed the smell of bacon wafts itself up into my room and my stomach grumbles telling me its time to head downstairs. I have spent my few years being the stupid bullied kid no one really cares about, not even my own mum pays attention to me and if she is she's howling at me for something I did. Moving to Doncaster was not something I was looking forward to but it was my mothers choice and I obviously didn't have one. I hear my mother calling me once again and I hurry into the kitchen and sit down at the table.

"Don't make me wait like that again Harold. I call you once and you should come down right away you hear me?" My mothers angered voice warns me. "Yes Mum." she nods her head. "Eat. You leave for school in 15. I'm off to work." My mother nods at me and walks out the door. No "goodbye." No "have a good day.". Not even an "I love you" She just heads off. She wasn't always like this. We were a happy family my mum, dad, me, and Gemma my sister. When I was 8 my dad left my mom and took my sister with him. After that my mum became sour, started drinking, and just didn't care about me anymore. Its just myself now. I don't have any friends to support me at all. All I have his music to at least help me keep my sanity. As i finish my breakfast I glance at the clock 8:45 "Shit." I mumble, "I'm going to be late" I say to myself as I walk out to the car.

The butterflies in my stomach dance around as I drive up to the school. As I step out he bell rings and I rush to my first class, "room 23 Maths" the sheet of paper reads. I find the class and open the door slowly, keeping my eyes on the teacher "Um...sorry for being late." I say quietly "And I assume it won't happen again?" The woman asks with her brow raised "No. Sorry." I say keeping my eyes on the floor "Alright. Take your seat mr...?" She questions "Styles." I say softly "Right then. To your seat mr. styles." She nods to the class and all eyes are on me. I keep my head down and walk to the back of the class and sit beside a blonde lad. I take a glance at the boy and notice his few tattoos. "Cool eh?" an Irish accent surprises me. I look up to see the blonde staring back at me with a smile " sorry for staring" He laughs "Its alright mate. Names Niall." He says still smiling "Im Harry." I say quietly and he furrows his brow "No need to be shy mate I don't bite" he says with a bit of a laugh. I smile slightly and nod putting my attention back on the teacher. Maybe this school won't be as bad ad I thought.



Okay how was that? I know its short but I want some feedback on it and I don't want to take it too far quiet yet.  Thanks for reading ☺


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