Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


10. YOU WHAT?!& falling out.

Heloooooo guys:) sorry for any spelling mistakes, mr iPad thinks he is so smart and knows how to spell everything... Thankyou so much for all the likes comments and stuff!x x x x

Macie's pov.
Once again, I woke up on the sofa in Harry's arms. I looked over at the clock on the wall. 11:30?! I never sleep in this late! I shot up and ran into the kitchen. All the boys except Harry were there. I expect Bella was still in bed, as usual. Liam offered me a plate of toast& bacon and I accepted it gratefully.

' nice hair Macie!' Niall said winking.

'what?' I asked. I looked over into the microwave door thingy, and my hair was worse than Bellas in the morning! I was about to go look for a hairbrush, when Bella came bounding down the stairs, still in her pajamas.
'GUYS GUESS WHAT?!' she shouted excitedly.

' what's up babe? Louis asked. Oh yeah, we found out they were dating!
' a film producer just called me, and they want me to star in their new film!' she replied breathlessly(sp?)
' that's great!' the boys shouted. I was happy for her, this was her dream, but this meant she would probably have to go away for ages and I won't see her:(
'but if your gonna be in a film, it means your gonna have to go somewhere far away to film it' I said.
'Yeah........' she replied dissapointedly.
' do you know where it is?' I asked.
'California.....' she whispered, I only just could hear her. California!? She can't go to California! We'd never been that far away from each other!
' what?! You can't go to America! That's to far!' I replied.
'Macie, please, this could be my big break!' she said seriously.
'But we won't see each other for ages, our friendship depends on this!' I shouted. The boys just stood there shocked. Wow, did I really say that?
' really mean that?' she whispered.
'No, Bella that's not what I meant!' I said.
' don't worry....' she whispered, and ran up the stairs. Oh god, why am I so stupid?! This is our first ever argument, since we became friends!
'maybe I should go talk to her?' Louis asked. No one replied, so he just walked up to her room. I just burst into tears. Harry walked in, and I rushed over and buried my head in his chest.
'what's wrong babe!?' he asked worriedly. Zany explained the whole thing to him.
'don't worry, she's probably jus overreacting, she is a drama queen' he said tracing circles onto my hand soothingly.
'no Harry, this is her dream, and I'm getting in the way!' I whined. I just hope she forgives me.

Bellas POV.

I can't believe Macie just said that. Right now, I'm crying into my pillow. We've never had an argument, and this is pretty big. I mean, this has been my dream since was 4. And she is trying to stop me going!? This is awful. I miss her already! I heard footsteps up the stairs, and someone knock on my door.
'go awayyyyyy' I moaned. It was Louis, and he thought he would walk in. Rude.
'I said go away!' I complained.

'Look, I know you mad at Macie, but you both overreacted. I doubt she meant it, she was probably In shock because you guys are inseparable! And you just came out with it suddenly, and it's in America! Do you know how long you'll be gone for?' he did have a point....

'6 months......'
' 6 months?!' he asked.
'it's a lead role Louis! I have to take it! You guys chased your dream! I think I should too!' I argued.
'I support you with this Bella, but just think how this might effect your friendships' he said seriously, and left the room. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. I think I'm slowly losing the people I love the most.....


Sorry it was short, sad chapter:(:(:(:(:(:( sorry macie
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