Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


24. Too many tears&Reliving memories pt.2


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macie's POV


3 weeks. 3 weeks, and 2 days, 2 days, 2 days(yes no one repeats themselves that much but shut up and read ok) since i've heard his beautiful voice, kissed(oooo saucy) his soft lips, had one of his comforting hugs. The only time i have got out of this chair, is when i went to the toilet. i didn't want to leave, incase he woke up, which wasn't looking good. bella hadn't left, but some of the boys had been back to get clothes and stuff. Louis was getting quite worried about bella, because she was so upset about me and harry, and he was upset to see her upset! he was really cut up(like food, heheh sorry) about harry, because of the bromance.
Bella's POV
this is horrible. Harry's been 'asleep' for 3 weeks, and it's slowly killing us all. Macie has been most affected. The boys are really upset too, I can't even imagine what the fans are feeling. His family were on a holiday and are still stuck there. 
I was just sitting on a chair watching Harry when the doctor walked in.
'bella, could you come outside for a moment please?' He said politely. Oh no, this can't be good. Louis looked at me worriedly, and gave me a weak smile. I walked out of the door, and softly closed it behind me.
'well, mr styles has been in this coma for a while now. We don't know how much longer he might last....' He said sympathetically.(that's the longest word I've ever written)
'no! No you can't do this! Harry's gonna pull through!' I said. I went a bit crazy...
'HARRY WILL BE FINE, YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM OFF LIFE SUPPORT!!!' Louis must've heard, he came out and held me in his arms. I tried to pound his chest with my tiny fists but he just held them down.
'please no! Harry is going to wake up and I know it!' I shouted through my tears. 
'Shhh, it's alright bella' louis stroked my hair trying to comfort me.
 'Im sorry miss curtis, if Harry doesn't wake up by tomorrow afternoon, we're going to have to cut off his life support.' The doctor said.
 I couldn't say anything. I know harry can do this, I just know it.
macies POV
the doctor took bella out, and after a while I could hear her crying. Louis went out to comfort her, which ment it was just me and Harry together. Zayn had gone home to see his girlfriend and liam and Niall had gone to the cafeteria thingy. I held his cold hand, and just thought of the times we had together. Even the bad memories ended well. I looked at his hand. There was a big scratch going across his knuckles, it reminded me of a time.



we were all at a club. Me, bella and the boys. It was getting crowded, so I went outside to get some fresh air.

'hey babe' said a voice I didn't recognise. I looked over to see a tall man, he was a bit scary to be honest.

'hi..' I said awkwardly.

'wanna come back to my place?' He said flirtily. Ew, I'm ok thanks.

'well um I'm here with my boyfriend so-'

'I can make you forget about him' he said winking.

'n-no-' I stuttered. I was scared.

'come on babe' he roughly grabbed my wrist, and tried to pull me away. i screamed, but i dont think anyone heard me. the man shoved me up against a wall, and i hit my head. thats gonna leave a bruise. i felt a little dizzy, and i could hear someone shouting. i instantly recognised the voice as harry's, thank god he's here!

'let go.' he growled(dogs growl aswell lol sorrrrrrrrrry not sorry)

'what are you gonna do about it pretty boy?' the guy said letting go of me and going over to harry. by now bella+the boys had come over.

harry punched the guy in the nose. i gasped, i didnt think he would do that! i thought he would stop there, but he punched him in the face again, causing the guy to stumble backwards. the blood was now pouring from the guys nose, and i was a bit scared. i don't like this side of harry, it scares me...

'h-harry, stop, your hurting him..' i whispered, but he continued to punch him. the man was now half knocked out, and i couldnt watch anymore.

'come on harry, just stop!' bella shouted. harry ignored her.

'harry please, i'm scared...' i trailed off at the end. he stopped, and looked into my eyes. he put his arms out to hug me, but i flinched and backed into niall, who protectively put his arms around me.(only in a friendly way guys don't you worry your cotton socks)

as i did that, hurt, anger and dissapointment flashed through his eyes.

'come on mate, lets get you home.' louis said putting and arm around harry, and leading him away. he turned around one last time, and tears glistened in his eyes. i was already crying, and seeing harry cry didnt help the situation. i want to fogive him, but right now i just need to go home.

bella called us a taxi, and we went home. i ran straight up to her room, i can't face harry at the moment. she handed me some pajamas, and gave me a sympathetic(long word) look before leaving me to get changed. i put them on, and wiped the make up off my face. i pulled out my phone and checked twitter. harry had tweeted about 5 minutes ago.

'wish there was a way to go back in time.' I scrolled through some other tweets, when i heard someone cough. i looked up to see harry stood in the doorway looking down.

'look um macie-i'm really sorry about earlier. i should've stopped when you ased me too, but i can't stand seeing you hurt. i was only trying to protect you. i'm really sorry...' he said sadly. i looked at him, and patted the space on the bed next to me. he walked over and sat down. i cuddled into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

'its ok harry, but i wish you had stopped when i asked. i don't like that side of you, it scares me..'

'b-but you aren't scared of me..right?' he stuttered.

'of course not harry! i love you baby' i mumbled into his chest, hugging him tighter.

'i love you too babe, lets go downstairs' he said. he got up and smiled at me, and held out his hand for me to hold. i looked at his hand, to see he had scratches all on his knuckles.



i'd do anything to get my harry back. feel his warmth, hear his singing, just him.

a doctor walked into the room, distracting me from my thoughts.

'miss lawrence, how are you doing?' he asked.

'i'm ok i guess..' i replied sadly.

'well, i'm afraid we have some bad news..' my head shot up. no. no. no. this can't be what i think it is. i'm shaking, crying. i suddenly feel lightheaded.

'mr.styles has been in a coma for 3 weeks now. it isn't looking good-'

NO!' i cut him off. i jumped out of my chair.

'HE'S GOING TO BE FINE! YOU CAN'T JUST GIVE UP! HARRY'S STRONG ENOUGH TO PULL THROUGH!' I screamed at the doctor. bella came rushing in, she had been crying so i think she knew.

'miss lawrence, we can give him one more day, but i suggest you say goodbye now. i apologise, but there is nothing else we can do.' thats it. he's practically gone. tears stream down my face, but i'm frozen, i can't move. i need harry.

3 hour time skip----

everyone had said goodbye. one by one, the boys went in a gave him a speech. each one came out crying. bella had just come out, and couldnt stop crying. it was my turn. stumbling into the room, i sat on the chair next to harry's bed.

(play moments now, cue ze crying bc i know i cried while writing it)

i took his hand in mine, and gently stroked his soft cheek wth my hand.

'hey harry. so, the doctors wanted us to say goodbye,because they don't think you'll pull through. guess we should make our last moments good, right?' i said, more tears falling.

'i remember when we first met. i was so excited, the guy i had fangirled and loved for nearly 3 years was coming to live with me. i never, ever thought i could be with someone like you. i remember our first date too. feeding eachother strawberries under the stars, life couldnt of got better' i said, giving a sad smile remembering that day.

if we could only have this life for one more day.

'what about the time we went to a really posh resturant, and you pretended to be posh too. or the time i met your mum for the first time. i was so nervous, and excited.' i smiled at the thought.

if we could only turn back time.

one of my tears fell onto his hand.

'all the days we'd spend in bed, just watching films and messing around. i'm really gonna miss that harry.'

'i'd say so much more but, i don't think i can...' i whispered.

'i just want you too know harry, if you can hear me, that i've had the best time of my life. you make living worthwhile, you are the reason i smile every morening. because i know your there for me. i cant imagine waking up and not having you there in my arms. your soft curly hair, your husky voice, beautiful eyes. i'm gonna miss that all so much. if you really can hear me harry, please, please just try and pull through. think of your family, they'd be so upset without their little harry there to put a smile on their face. think about the boys, it wouldnt be one direction without you! they'd be missing a brother too. what about the fans? where would they be without their curly little pumpkin? please harry. think about me, and all the times we've had. i need you here harry, and i need you to wake up. well, i guess this could be goodbye. oh, and while your up their with the angels, watch over me? i love you so much harry edward styles, never forget it.'

i can't stop crying.


i lean over him, and softly kiss his forehead. i hesitantly let go of his and, and walk over to the door.

i look over at him one last time.




'i love you harry.....'


















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