Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


23. Stay strong&Reliving memories pt.1

HEY NUGGETS! Okk so, i haven't updated for actually a million years and i feel so bad-,- on a happier note, IT WAS CHRIIIIIIIISTTTTMAAAASSSSS!:D and my boobear is 21, how is this real like omg:3 i should be updating more often now, i have an ipad yay! this is gonna be hard to write because its ment to be sad and i'm in a pretty good mood uh yeah, hope everyone had a fab christmas and new year!:Dxoxo


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Macies POV. I still can't believe this. The others said it isn't my fault, but If I had never existed Harry would never of loved me and never would've gona out to buy me a ring!

'Macie, seriously none of this was your fault!' Liam said putting a comforting arm around my shoulder.

All of the others had fallen asleep. I studied each one of their faces carefully. Louis' eyes had black mars under them, as did bella and zayns. Niall's face had dried tears all over, everyone was upset, but it really hit Niall because he wasn't good in situations like these. Liam, was upset too but him being the 'parent' out of us all, he needed to stay calm and comfort us.

I edged my chair close to the hospital bed, and gripped Harry's hand. I miss his hugs. I miss his kisses. I miss his husky voice. I miss his cute dimples. I miss his charming smile, and flirty ness. I miss him. I saw teardrops splash onto his hand. Usually when I cry, Harry wipes away my tears and tells me I'm beautiful:) I thought back to all the amazing memories we had, the funny days out, the random dates.....




I was just sat in my room, bored. The boys were downstairs, and bella was at a movie meeting thingy. I picked up my iPod, and decided to browse twitter. I scrolled through all my mentions. Most of the fans liked me, but some not as much:/ I saw some tweets that said' @macielawrence is an ugly whore. She doesn't deserve Harry!' (Not macies actual twitter, and none of this is true because she is perf) and others said things like ' what a slut, @macielawrence fat and ugly, Harry could do so much better!' The tweets got worse, and so did the feeling in my stomach. I was even getting death threats! I felt a tear slide down my face, and splash onto my iPod screen. Then, the bit of mattress next to me sunk down a bit, and I felt an arm go around my waist. I instantly recognised it as Harry. And I buried my head in his shoulder, crying.

'Babe, what's wrong?!' He asked worriedly.

I was too upset to speak, so I just handed him my iPod. He scrolled through it, a frown forming on his face.he started to type, then locked it and set it down.

'A-am I not pretty? Am I a slut? Am I fat?' I asked Harry. He put his hands on my shoulders, and looked right into my eyes.

'Babe, you are the most gorgeous person I've ever met. Of course you aren't a slut, you don't dress like one or act like one! No, you are thin, and amazing. Macie, those people are just jealous. Jealous of you're beauty, and charm. And you have a pretty cool boyfriend' he said winking. I giggled a bit.

'Babe, you are perfect. Maybe not to everyone else, but defiantly to me. Remember that.' He said. He gave me a quick peck on the lips.

'Now get some sleep, you look tired' he said.

I wrapped myself up in blankets, and drifted off to sleep knowing my boyfriend was amazing.



Now tears were streaming down my face again.(and the tears stream down my faceeee, moments kills me) I need Harry now. Sure, the other boys would comfort me, but it just wouldn't be the same. I looked over at bella and louis, who were cuddled into each other. I was a little jealous, not because I liked him, but because she had someone to cuddle her, and tell her everything's ok. I thought back to the time when me and bella were home alone and we had a food fight....



the boys had gone out, so me and bella thought we would try to make a cake! We thought the fans might find this amusing, so we were doing a twitcam at the same time.

'welcome to ze kischien!' bella said. (inside joke nuggets)

'today, we are attempting to make a cake, because the boys are out!' i said smiling.  First bella got out a bag of flour, and i got a bowl and some scaled to weigh it. I was about to pour the flour in, but bella put her hands in the flour and slapped my bum(heheh). we started chucking flour at eachother, when i grabbed an egg and cracked it over her head.

'YOU PEASANT!' she shouted. she pick up the butter, and smeared it all over my face. The fans were going mental, the tweets were blowing up! They found it hilarious! we were in the middle of our food fight, and we had made such a mess. Bella was about to get more food to throw, when we heard the front door open.

'SHIZZZZ!' we both shouted looking at eachother.

'omgomgomgomgomg the boys are back!' i said worriedly. They all walked in, and we froze.

'what happened in here?!' liam asked. we just stood silent.

'urm......LOUIS!' bella shouted, and ran over to give him a hug but he ran away, so she chased him. NIall and zayn just went off, and Liam started talking to the fans, because he took over our twitcam. Harry walked over to me.

'hey babe, what exactly did you and bella get up to?' harry asked.

'well, we tried making a cake.....can i have a hug?' i smiled innocently.

'sure, why-' i cut him off, by squeezing him tight, making him covered in ingredients. he squealed like a girl, and quirmed out of my grip, while i just stood there laughing.

'Thats it, i'm gonna get you!' he shouted, chasing me out of the room. i ran up the stairs, and into my room. I dived under my quilt, just as i heard harry's footsteps up the stairs.

'well macie definatly isn't under her quilt!' harry said sarcastically. i giggled, then clamped my mouth shut. harry ripped off the covers, and tickled me. i was laughing uncontrollably, and i rolled off the bed, harry tripped over my foot and fell on top of me. I stared into his sparkly emerald eyes, as he leaned in. as his soft lips connected with mine, i felt parks, fireworks, bombs, explosions. as we pulled away, he was smiling like an idiot.

'alright, get up i need to shower!' i said, trying to push him off.

'can i come?' he said winking.

'no!' i replied, lightly hitting his head.

'well then, i quite like this position' he said smirking. we both just laughed, and i buried my head in his shoulder, still laughing.



i could really use a harry hug, a harry kiss, a harry wink, a harry smile, just want my harry back......







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