Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


19. Spying&Suprise visit,yhyhyh:)

Just gonna do a different POV for a change, just for my special little contest winner;)

Lily's POV
I met Macie and the rest of the guys yesterday, they're all so nice! Me and zayn are going for a picnic today:) Macie helped me get ready. I wore a pink skirt and a white shirt tucked into it, with little ballet flats. Macie curled my hair and did some light makeup. I walked downstairs To find zayn at the bottom of the stairs with a bouquet of lillies. Haha:')

'For you' he smiled. I blushed.

'Thankyou' I replied.

'Shall we go?' he asked.

'ok! Where are we going?'

'that's a suprise, oh and put this on?' he said, handing me a blindfold. I tied it Round my eyes, and he guided me to a car. We drove on for about 15 minutes, and the car stopped. He ran over to my side, and opened the door for me, and then helped me out. He walked me forward for about 2 minutes, then we stopped. He untied my blindfold, and I saw a empty field, but with a picnic blanket, and a cute little picnic basket.

'Awehh zayn, it's beautiful!' I said.

'not as beautiful as you' he whispered. I was blushing like crazy. He entwined his fingers with mine, and we sat on the blanket. This was really nice:)

Macies POV.
zayn and lily had just left for there date. Me and Harry had a plan to go and spy on them. We quickly ran out, and got in the car. We followed their car, and we ended up in a big field. They were sat on a picnic blanket, so we hid behind some trees. Harry got his phone out, and started snapping some pictures, and posting them on twitter. After a while, we got bored so we headed home. It was starting to get late, so we all just went to bed.

4 months later, sorry for the time skip friends but there is a reason;)x

I've been with one direction for about 5-6 months? It's been AMAZING! Bella has been gone 4 months, and she never has time to Skype, and she rarely ever texts:(( me and Harry are still together, and so are the others. Niall is still looking for a girl, but I'm sure he'll find his princess soon;)

I walked downstairs. We're going to the park, I think. All the boys were in the kitchen, eating or whatever. Harry came up behind me, and hugged me.

'Hey Harry'

'Hey babe, you wanna come to the park with us?' he asked, talking into my hair.

'Oh what, so I can watch you guys play football? Oh yay sounds fun!' I said sarcasticly.

'oh ha ha funny, no we're going for a picnic!' he said cheerfully. I giggled.
'what?' he asked.

'You guys....going for a picnic.' I burst out laughing.

'Ok that's it.' he started chasing me around the house,threatening to tickle me. I ran into the living room and hid behind the chair Louis was sat on.
'boobear, have you seen Macie?!' he asked.

'Sorry pumpkin, went the other way' he shrugged. Niall was laughing, liam was smiling, and zayn...... Zayn was looking in the mirror taking no notice of us anyway. Harry ran off, so I came out from behind the chair.

'Thanks guys, that was close!' I said. Harry burst back in, he ran over and through me over his shoulder.

'Guys, help!' I shouted.
'Meh, it's only Macie' Louis said. HURTFULL!
'Oh, how rude! What do you have against me?!' I whined.

' I don't, you just stole Bella from me!' he replied. We have had this little war since the got together, we always fight over her. Bella and Harry fight over me as well;)

2 hours later

I was at the park with the boys, sat on a blanket eating and laughing. I was just wearing some shorts and a hoodie, with Some pumps. We had been there for quite a while, and after a few hours we left. We go back home, and a car we'd never seen before. I wonder who's that could be. I went inside, the boys behind. The kitchen door was open. I'm sure w closed that when we left? I grabbed the nearest thing next to me, which happened to be a spoon. Great so if there was a physco killer in the house, I was stuffed. I jumped through the door, and lobbed the spoon at whoever it was.

'ow ow ow ow, how rude and innapropriate' only one person in the world would say that.:D

'BELLAAAA!!' I shouted. She jumped into my arms. Haha, I love her.
'Macieeee! I missed you!' she shouted back. I put her down, just as the boys burst in. They all ran up to hug her.

'uh, guys....GUYS I NEED AIR' she whispered. They all stepped back, I was smiling like an idiot.

'You me girls night, shop in 20 minutes!' she said.

'uh, don't you wanna spend the night with you're boyfriend?' Louis asked, he was a little hurt.

'I will tomorrow, I promise babe' she said, kissing him on the cheek. He was smiling again. She grabbed my arm, and we ran .upstairs to her and Louis' room. We sat on the bed.

'sooooooooooo, anything happened while I was gone?' she asked excitedly.

'Well, zayn and Liam have girlfriends, but Niall is still single' I said.

'Well I know someone perfect for niall, and let's get changed and go to the shop to get foooood!' she sang. We got changed into some pajama shorts and tops, she had blue shorts and white vestop and white slippers, and I had pink shorts with white slippers and top.

'so, who's car is still parked outside?' I asked. It was a very nice fancy car, as well. Bella had actually already become sorta famous.

'Oh, it's my new one! Do yo likeit?!' she asked. She's hyper.
'Jeez, are you rich?!'

'I am now!' she winked. We told the boys we were going to the shop, and we walked out side. The shop was a 10 minute walk, so we headed off. About half way there, some teenage girls, about 14-15 walked up to us. There were 4 of them.

'Omg your Bella Curtis!' the short one said.

'aha yeah, that's me! Do you know what? You remind me of myself!' she said.
'omg, your so pretty!' another said. The next one was asking her for an autograph. They stayed with us walking down the road, I felt kinda left out.

'hi, your Macie Lawrence!' the 4th one said. Awehh, she knew my name!:)

'Yup, that's me!' I said happily.

'You are so pretty! You and Harry are so cute together! Can I please have a picture with you?! She asked excitedly. My first fan! Yay!

'of course sweetie!' I replied. She got her phone out, and took a picture. By the time all this had happened, we had got to the shop. We said bye to the fans, and went in to get stuff for an amazing girl night!:)


Hey giyssssss! Just wanna say, Thankyou Macie for such a funny day today, ilysm! Comment and heart guys, ly xo

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