Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


28. New life&Old faces



1 Year later--------------

'macie are you ready?' bella shouted from across the hallway. we're about to leave for bella's latest movie premier. i bet your pretty confused right? ok, let me explain.

after me and bella moved to america, a lot of things happened. bella's career rocketed, and she's more famous than ever! her fanbase is always growing, and we're always invited to celebrity parties and exclusive clubs. because of bella's fame, i got noticed aswell, but by modeling agencies. now i'm a 'pro' model and we go to a lot of fashion shows. i'm 19 now, and bella's 20! neither of us have changed much, bella hasn't got taller, her hair is still curly and mine is still blonde. i still miss harry. at first, i couldnt take it, it was horrible. but after one busy year, i'm fine! i still think about the boys now and then, but i'm used to it.

'HURRY UP!!!' she shouted. i grabbed my black heels and put them on. i was wearing a white coktail dress and black heels with black bracelets. bella was wearing the same, but a black dress and white accesories. we headed out the door and got into the limo.


skipping car journey-----

we stepped out of the car to be met with the blinding flashed of camera's and the scream of fans. bella quickly grabbed my hand. she's 20, but i swear she has the mind of a 10 year old. we were walking down the red carpet just talking to other celebrities. the perks of being bestfriends with a famous actress is being friends with other famous people. i'm friends with people like ed sheeran and katy perry! i was just talking to a fan when i turned around to see bella wasn't there. i looked around and spotted the back of her. she was talking to some boys, there were 5 i think?

i walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

'oh hey macie! look who i found!' she said grinning. i looked at the people, seeing 5 familiar faces.

no. no it can't be!!!

'hey macie!' the familiar irish accent spoke. i was engulfed into a warm hug.

'hey niall' i said quietly as he pulled away. i spoke to louis liam and zayn quickly, then i saw harry. he was already looking at me. it looked like he was a bit shocked, i dont know why..

'oh um harry, this is my um....friend, macie' bella said. it sounded more like a question..

'hi macie!' he said, pulling me in for a hug.

oh no.

this brought back too many memories. the long days we'd just spend in bed, watching films. the cute dates we'd have, and just everything. the way his morning voice is even deeper, and that his hair would stick to his face when he slept. i pulled away from the hug with tears forming in my eyes.

'i uh, i have to go to the bathroom' i excused myself and quickly walked into the building. i ran in to the toilets and just broke down.

i'm totally not over it. i've convinced myself that i'm fine. convinced myself that i could go on without the person that changed my life. i've been through a whole year convincing myself that life would be fine that i loved with all my heart. i looked up into the mirror. i looked terrible.

my mascara was running down my cheeks, my red eyes shining in the light because of the tears. i heard the bathroom door open, and looked over to see bella looking sympathetic. she came over, and gave me a hug.

'are you alright babe?' she asked. i just shrugged my shoulders. i bet harry is pretty confused right now.

'ok. i'll take you home babe, i don't think your well enough to stay here' she said kindly.

'b-but what about the movie? and the boys?' i asked sniffiling.

'macie i was in it, i dont care about watching it. i've got the boys' numbers now, so we can catch up anytime. now come on, lets get you home.' she said. she helped me up and we had to go out the front way. i don't care about the paparazzi right now. bella covered my face as she lead me to the limo.

skipping journey home-----------

as soon as we got back i ran straight into my room. i changed into some joggers and an oversised t-shirt, and hopped into bed.

'have this, and then get some sleep babe.' bella came in and handed me a cup of tea and a bowl of soup.

'thanks bella' i replied sleepily.

'anytime. night babe' she smiled. i drank the tea and ate the soup quickly.

pulling the covers over my body, and thought about the dramatic events of today...










anyway, this was just to explain what had happened and DA BOYSSSS ARE BACK

ily nugs, comment+like xoxoxoxoxo

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