Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


13. Last day&Getting drunk:O;)

Okay, it was really funny today at school, i put my hand up to show someone something, and macie thought i was high-fiving her, and she put her hand up and then slowly put it down looking really embarrased. Omg i was actually nearly crying:') anyway, sorry for not updating for ages!:*


Macie's POV.

So its Bella's last day. Nooo:'( but i get to go on tour with the boys! Stuck with 5 boys for a few months? Gonna be interesting....

We weren't really sure what to do today, but Zayn said we should go out to a club. We all agreed, and me and bella ran upstairs to pick out what we were wearing.

Some hours later.

We hadn't done anything all day. Like literraly nothing. Well me and bella were shouting out random puns and chat up lines. HAHAHAHAHA puns:') It started out with this.

'Hey macie, can you smell that upsexy smell or is that just me?' Bella said winking.

'Whats upsexy?' i asked confused.

'WELL HOW YOU DOING!?' Bella shouted. The boys burst out laughing. I was sat there still very confused. Hey, i'm a bit slow:(

'well i'd love to stay and chat but i moustache!' I shouted back.

'I moustache you a question but i'll shave it for later!' Bella replied. It went on like this for sometime.

Me and bella have just got ready. i curled my hair and bella straightened hers. I wore a white dress with black heels and black bracelets, bella wore the same but a black dress and white heels&bracelets.

We walked downstairs, to find the boys with their mouths wide open.

'Oh please, like you've never seen a girl in a dress before!' Bella said sarcasticly. Only her:')

hour later.

We were at this club place, and we were all a bit tipsy, apart from bella, who had 1 drink and is so drunk. its what alcohol does to her.......;)

I was sat at the bar talking to Liam, who wasn't drunk at all.

'So, how are you and Harry?' Liam asked.

'Oh we're good, you found someone for yourself?' i replied.

'Well i might have-'

'OMG WHOWHOWHOWHO?!' I interupted.

'Well, i'll tell you tomorrow, but right now i think we need to keep an eye on bella!' He said, laughing.

i looked over to where he was laughing. Louis was trying to keep bella still, but she kept giggling and hiccuping. 1 drink remember, just 1. Anyway, louis finally just picked her up and bought her over to us.

'Need some help?' I asked.

'I think i can handle my own girlfriend!' Louis protested. (Jimmy protested HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok)

'Really? And thats why she's running over to Zayn?' Liam said chuckling.

'ZAYN DON'T ENCOURAGE HER!' Louis shouted, while walking towards them.

'She's a crazy one' Liam said.

'Oh dear i know.' I said. I said bye to Liam, and walked over to where Louis was trying to get bella, and Zayn was laughing at bella. I went up to bella.

'Bella, if you don't behave, i will take away your TOWIE dvd set!' I warned. Her eyes widened(sp?) and she stood still obidiently. I smiled at Louis and he just glared at me.

'sure you can handle her?' I said giggling.

'I'll be fine!' louis said sarcasticly. I went on the look for harry, as i hadn't seen him for a while.

2 hours later--

We were just leaving, we were all so tired! because it was only 15 minutes away, we walked home. Bella passed out in louis' arms, Zayn and Niall singing loud down the street, harry talking rubbish with his arm round my waist, and liam laughing at us all. I love these kind of moments<3



suckish i know. drama sooooon! Btw, can you guys comment and heart? I love all the support i'm getting now, but i feel like no one really appreciates it apart from macie who doesn't count rn;) But i'm not gonna be one of them people whos like '4 comments and i'll update' cause i'd feel bad:( but i'd really like it if ytou guys commented or hearted or whatever, always makes me smile:) ly guys!:*



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