Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


5. Girly day out&First date.

2 weeks later!

Macie's POV.

(A/N, sorry for the time skip, but theres nothing to say!)

I can't belive i've been living with One Direction for two weeks already! They're all so nice, Bellas getting real close to Louis;) I'd just woken up, i walked downstairs to see it was only 7:45. Yay. I went to the kitchen and saw Harry sat on the counter.

'Morning' He said


'Do you wanna maybe.. um...'

'Do i wanna what?'



Harry's POV.

Its been 2 weeks, 2 weeks since we arrived, and 2 weeks since i nearly kissed Macie. I decided i was gonna ask her on a date today. Just as i was about to go and watch some TV, Macie walked in. Her hair was messy, and she had no make up on, but she still looked gorgeous.

'morning' i said.

'heya' she replied.

'Do you wanna maybe..... um..' OH GOD. I was never nervous around girls, its usually them getting nervous around me. But i guess she was different...

'Do i wanna what?' she asked.

'Umm.... go on a date tonight?'

'uh..sure!' YES! Better get bella to take her out for the day, i have the perfect plan.


Macie's POV.


'Uh... sure!' I think i sounded pretty calm, but on the inside i was screaming. I had to get an outfit!

'So i have to go do some things, i'll get you at 6?' Harry said.

'Okay, see you later.' he walked out the door. i haven't actually fangirled much since they've been here, I bet bella's so proud;). I went to put the kettle on to make some tea, Bella came in.

'Hey' i said.

'Hiiiyaa. Today, me and you are having a girly day out, getting you an outfit for tonight, kay?' She said.

' Wait what? How did you know about it?' i asked.

'WELL I WAS DEFINATLY NOT BEHIND THE DOOR!' She replied. Oh dear, she is so odd. we both went upstairs to get ready. I wore a pink vestop, white shorts and pink converse. I had a pink bikini on underneath, bella said we were going to a spa(A/N i've been to a spa before, and you go swimming and in hot tubs and stuff!). Bella came out wearing red shorts, a blue shirt and blue toms. She said she had a blue bikini on underneath. We went outside, and drove to the place bella was on about. Suddenly, call me maybe started playing on the radio. We both just looked at eachother.

'Where do you think your going baby?' The radio sung.

'HEY I JUST MET YOU, AND THIS IS CRAZY, BUT HERES MY NUMBER, SO CALL ME MAYBE?!' We screamed. We are so normal:') We finally arrived, and went inside. It was this big manor sort of thing, it was really cool! We walked inside, and bella sorted something out at reception. Then, a person led us up a load of stairs, and we walked through a door. It was really nice, there was a big indoor pool, a little changing room and loungers. There was no one in there, and there was even a hottub! we both stripped down to our bikinis and jumped into the pool.

-----------------------------------------3 hours later-----------------------------------------------------

We were just leaving, we had facials and things like that. It was nice to have some girly time again, as we've been really busy with the boys we haven't had chance to catch up on much. Next, we were heading for the shopping center in town. We went in loads of shops, and bought loads of new clothes. Bella had picked out my outfit, it was amazing! Or should i say amaZAYN;) we left the shopping center, and drove home.

--------------------------------------------skipping journey home----------------------------------------

Bella was helping me get ready. What if i said something stupid? What if the whole thing is a joke? What if he doesn't-

'Don't worry, he really likes you and you've known him for 2 weeks, your fine with talking to him!' Bella said interupting my thoughts.

She curled my hair, and i put on my outfit. It was a mid-thigh lenght white&pink floral dress. I had a brown belt to go with it, and white heels.

'You look amazing!' Bella squealed.

'Thanks' i said. Then, the door bell went.

'Have fun!' Bella shouted as i walked down the stairs.

'USE PROTECTION!' She added. Uhh, she is so embarrasing! I answered the door to see a very smart looking Harry.

'Hey, you look beautiful' Harry said. I just blushed.

'You ready to go?' He asked, and i nodded. We linked arms and skipped to the car. He ran over to the passenger side and open the door for me.

'Your carriage awaits, m'lady.' He said in a posh accent.

'Why thankyou kind sir.' I replied in a posh accent, as i got into the car. We both just burst out laughing.

Harry then handed me a blindfold.

'Whats this for?' I asked.

'Just put it on!' He replied. I put it on, then Harry started driving.

After about 20 minutes, Harry stopped the car. He ran over to my side and opened the door, again. He helped me out, because i still had to wear the blindfold. We linked arms, and we started walking. After about 2 minutes we stopped. Harry undid my blindfold, and i saw what was infront of me. It was beautiful. It was a small beach, and as it was dark, there were fairy lights surrounding a cute little blanket with a picnic basket on it.

'This is beautiful Harry!' I said.

'Not as beautiful as you.' He replied. I blushed, and we walked over to the blanket. We started talking about random things. We were laying down, my head on his chest, his arm round my waist. We fed eacher strawberries, and did cutesy little things like that. Then, he got up.

'Where are you going harry?' I asked. Then out of nowwhere, the boys were standing infront of me. Niall started to play the guitar. I know what this was! It was What makes you beautiful! Once they had finished Harry got down on one knee.

'Will you be my girlfriend?' He asked.

'OF COURSE!' I shouted. The boys cheered, and i hugged harry. He picked me up and spun me round. This day just couldn't get any better. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.



Thought you guys might like that chapter! They're finally together! What did you guys think? Comment&Like<3<3


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