Remembering Her.

Bella and Macie have been best friends for years. Bella's cousin Harry is coming to visit for the summer, and is bringing his bandmates too. Macie is a huge directioner, and when she realises Bella's cousin is THE harry styles, what will happen? But when a tragic accident happens, will Harry remember Macie in time or will her once perfect life come to a complete end?


4. Explaing&Burning Toast.

Bella's POV.

While we were watching our 4th movie, everyone had fallen asleep apart from me and Louis. I couldn't help but feel a bit sad and happy at the same time.

Macie had fallen asleep, legs tangled with his, his arms protectivley around her waist. I wasn't jelous because it was harry, EW NO HE IS MY COUSIN! I mean, i guess i haven't really had many boyfriends, i hadn't had one for at least a year. I just wanted to be held, if you get what i mean? But then again, i'm happy to see Macie trusting a boy again. She hasn't let any boys get this close to her since she was 16. It was quite sad really.

Louis must of realised i was unhappy, as he came over to the sofa i was on.

'You okay?'

'Yeah, just thinking.'

'Care to share?' (oooh that ryhmed like lily allen, inside joke for macie;))

'I don't know, if macie wants anyone to know yet..'

'You can trust me'

'Okay, well when she was 15, we were in our last year of school, and there was this boy that macie liked. His name was Dylan(no macie, i'm not on about the dylan we know) Me and macie were just sat on the school field, and he came over to us. he asked macie out on a date, and obviously she said yes. when she got back, i had to go over hers and she took like 2 hours to get ready. He picked her up, and took her for  a picnic at a really nice beach. When she got back, she wouldn't shut up about it, and they were now boyfriend&girlfriend. nearly a year had passed, and it was a week before our leavers ball. Dylan was clearly gonna take Macie, but he hadn't asked her. The night came around, and he hadn't asked her. We walked downstairs, we both had gotten ready at my house. She looked beautiful. She had a pink dress on, it was amazing. She curled her blonde hair perfectly. When we arrived at the venue, we were so excited. we went inside, and a couple hours had passed. When a slow song came on, i went outside to get some fresh air. I had split up frrom Macie about an hour before. I got outside, and i heard quiet sobbing.i instantly recognised it as macie, and ran over to her. I comforted her, and i thought it would be better to leave. we got home, and she told me everything. she had looked for him, and found him with the school slut jessica. Tongues down eachothers throats, i was disgusted when she told me. He had pulled away from jessica, and told macie that the whole thing was a bet. he dragged her outside and um..... took her 'innocence'. The day after she felt horrible. I went straight to Dylan's house and punched him. He fell to the floor, and that was the last we heard of him.'

'Wow.' was all Louis said.

By this time, all the boys except Harry were awake.

'But howcome shes not scared around us, and is okay with Harry holding her?' Niall asked.

'Well, thats the next part. when you guys were put together on xfactor, she voted for you all the time, and was a huge fan. Two years on, that brings us to now, you boys and her brother, dad and any other male relatives are the only boys she trusts.'

 'Aweh' and 'Poor girl' was all the boys said. I always have been really protective over her, like whenever we go to clubs once in a while, a boy always ends up flirting with her. I usually sort them out when they're making her feel uncomfy.

---------------------------------------- Morning!--------------------------------------------------------

Macie's POV.

I woke up on a sofa, i was cuddling with someone.I looked over my shoulder to see who it was. Oh just Harry Styles. WAIT WHAT?! HARRY STYLES AND I ARE CUDDLING?! I must be dreaming. Then i remembered. One Direction are at my house for the summer. I tried to get out of |Harrys grip, but he just held on tighter and smiled.

'I know your awake Harry.'

'No,im sleeping'

'Harryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' I whined.


'I'll get Bella to straighten your hair' He let go straight away.

'Can you smell that?' Harry asked.

'Smell what?'

'It kinda smells like somethings burning'



'THE BOYS HAVE LET BELLA COOK' Let me say now that Bella is the worst cook ever. She once put a tin of beans in the microwave, lets just say that she nearly blew up the house..

We both ran into the kitchen to see it full of smoke and the boys coughing. Bella dramaticly pretended to faint on the floor.

'HELPPPPPPP!' She pretend-cried.

'SOMEONE NEEDS HELP?! SUPERMAN IS HERE!' Louis shouted. He carried her bridal style and ran out into the living room, Bella laughing her head off. I BET SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET THE JOKE. Me and Harry looked around to find what it was. We looked in the toaster. She can't even cook toast? That girl is so odd.



Sorrry it wasn't very good, but i had to explain that for much later on in the story, and my cousins rabbit just died, IT WAS SO CUTE AWEHHH:'( I'll try and uipdate as often as i can, Love you all thankyou for the comments and stuff!<3



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